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Water conservation still critical in Central Texas; 5 tips to do your part

Water conservation still critical in Central Texas; 5 tips

Try not to waste water this summer; follow the tips outlined by Texas Water Smart.

KVUE — It's the natural resource most people take for granted, thinking it will never run out.

"Ninety percent of the world is covered in water, people think. But less than three percent of the water is actually fresh water and less than one percent of that is actually drinkable," said Jonah Parker, District Marketing Manager for Scott's Miracle Grow and member of Texas Water Smart. 

So conserving water is critical. That's why The Home Depot and Texas Water Smart are teaming up to host water conservation workshops for shoppers Saturday at the store on Howard Lane in Northeast Austin.

The crews are driving home five main tips:

  1. Fix leaks around your home
  2. Replace old shower-heads and toilets
  3. Purchase a water saving washing machine
  4. Change your water-use behavior
  5. Reduce water use in landscapes

There are also a lot of products to save Mother Nature water and you money. Outside, experts suggest putting in a drip irrigation system. It saturates 98% of your lawn compared to 50% with traditional sprinklers.

Inside, upgrade the bathroom, starting with the toilet. 

"Dual flush, you can actually connect this into the tank and then basically you'll have a two flush stage," suggested The Home Depot District Manager Scott Murabito. "So the first flush would use only part of the water. The second flush would use the entire tank of water."

Need something a little less complicated? Install a $12 shower head.

"This will restrict the water and give you that same pressure," explained Murabito while showing off an optional shower-head. "And basically it's just a simple wrench, pair of pliers. Grab your other shower head, spin it off, I mean it's not going to take much at all and then you just take this and it threads right on."

But the easiest way for you to save water at your home isn't with one of those products at all. Instead, go to the cleaning tools aisle and pick up a broom.

"Instead of spraying off the driveways, spraying the dirt off, get a broom and use a broom. It will definitely conserve water," said Murabito.

If you want more details but missed Saturday's workshops, all of The Home Depots in Central Texas and the San Antonio area will host seminars on May 25th and June 29th.