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Mastering the mai tai, creating a custom wardrobe, getting psyched for the Pee Wee movie and more

Austin Photo Set: News_links we love May 13 2012
Mai Tai on Mad Men Courtesy of AMC

Here are the links we loved today:

Breaking: Betty White endorses Obama!

NBC releases fall schedule, confirming that Community has been moved to Fridays; Also, rumors that Dan Harmon and/or Chevy Chase are leaving?

At Badass Digest, Alamo Beverage Director Bill Norris teaches us how to make a mai tai.

Find out how fast you e-read with this test.

Five sites that let you customize your clothes.

Jonah Lehrer’s latest book, Imagine, explores the ways we can learn to be more creative.

Upworthy takes a look at the origins of “traditional marriage.”

Bookslut interviews author Cheryl Strayed, whose memoir, Wild, will be adapted by director Lisa Cholodenko.

Finally, an update on the Apatow-produced Pee Wee movie!

20 musicians tell Paste about their college majors.

In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s revisit the time Craig Kilborn sent his mom on a date with The Rza:

And, Reggie Watts thanks his mom:


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