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Big Dog, Soft Heart

APA! office dog and staff favorite, Cafe, is ready for a permanent home

Cafe is a big dog with a sweet, gentle soul
Cafe is a big dog with a sweet, gentle soul Photo courtesy of APA!
Cafe loves to hang around small dogs
Cafe loves to hang around small dogs Photo courtesy of APA!
Cafe is a big dog with a sweet, gentle soul
Cafe loves to hang around small dogs

This week, we're introduced to a dog that's incredibly close to the APA! staff members' hearts. The beginning of his life was spent in rough conditions, but staff members say he's one of the gentlest dogs to ever be placed at APA! While some people think of American Bulldog mixes as aggressive dogs that like to "own the scene," Cafe is most excited to participate in the weekly small dog play group.

Name: Cafe

Sex: Male

Breed: Bulldog, American Mix

Adult size: Large

Weight: 60 pounds

Sign: Virgo

Age: 2 years, 8 months

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Adoption donation: $50

Location: On site

Surprise fact: Cafe's favorite thing during the week is to play in the small dog play group where he runs around like a puppy. He seems to think he's just one of the gang.

What APA! says about Cafe:

  • Cafe is the APA! office dog, a placement which has made him more relaxed and less anxious — and also made him a staff favorite.
  • He is also very fond of outdoor patios at restaurants where he can hang out next to his owner and eat a burger.
  • He's house-trained and knows how to use a doggy door.
  • He's been to many events with lots of people and noise, and he always does great.

Why APA! says Cafe deserves your love:

  • Cafe has had an incredibly rough life but hasn't given up on love. He was raised with dogs that had the opposite personality of his sweet demeanor, but now is so happy to be surrounded by sweet dogs. He doesn't react if others snarl or growl, and he doesn't mind being jumped on by puppies.
  • He's not pushy or demanding with other dogs — or with people. He's even good about sharing the food bowls.
  • Like anyone who's had his heart broken, Cafe is careful with people he just meets and prefers to take it slow.

In summary: Cafe needs a permanent home or foster that works from home, has a very stable, confident dog in their home (small or big), and has no children — fast movements and loud noises can startle him. He's more fearful of men than women, so a single woman or a woman who has a very calm, patient husband will be perfect.

To donate or adopt Cafe, call APA! at 512-961-6519

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