Weekend Roundup

Welcome the weekend heat with arts, crafts, music and rasslin

Welcome the weekend heat with arts, crafts, music and rasslin

Robert Ellis at KUTX Live at Stateside and Paramount
Singer-songwriter Robert Ellis Courtesy of Paramount Theatre
Austin Photo Set: News_5x7 social_amoa_arthouse_april 2012_17
Celebrate Art Museum Day with AMOA-Arthouse Photo by J. Dennis Thomas
Austin Photo Set: Pages_renegade craft fair_may 2012_5
Renegade Craft Fair Photo by Jessica Pages
Robert Ellis at KUTX Live at Stateside and Paramount
Austin Photo Set: News_5x7 social_amoa_arthouse_april 2012_17
Austin Photo Set: Pages_renegade craft fair_may 2012_5

We all hoped it could be delayed a bit longer, but the heat of summer has finally crept over our town. Sorry to break it to you folks, but summer's nearly here and we have to prepare ourselves — since Texas apparently exists in an alternate reality of Game of Thrones.

But we Texans will endure this summer like we did summers past, and we’ll do it by having as much fun as we can, whether out in the heat or in the comfort of A/C. Show summer that you’re not afraid of a little sweat and acute heat exhaustion at the events below.

KUTX Live at Stateside — Robert Ellis with Emily Wolfe

Music is a good cure for the work week blues, and the next installment of KUTX’s live music series at the Stateside and Paramount Theatres provides some smooth and relaxing country and indie rock to help take the edge off.

Singer-songwriter Robert Ellis, a Houston native, makes a stop in Austin after traveling far and wide with numerous country musicians in tow. Ellis can easily hypnotize an audience with his heartfelt folk and country ballads, but listeners should also expect a special tribute to personal hero, the recently deceased George Jones.

Opening for Ellis is another young artist captivating music lovers around Austin. Emily Wolfe is a multi-instrumentalist barely out of college who has proven her amazing talent at a young age, ready to take another big step after her first album with the release of her EP on May 23.

Art Museum Day at AMOA-Arthouse

An international celebration of the arts and the museums that support them, Art Museum Day allows locals to take advantage of free admission and special events in order to learn more about their friendly neighborhood art museums.

AMOA-Arthouse celebrates the day at its Laguna Gloria and Jones Center locations with free admission, family-friendly activities and tours. The Jones Center will also host a special screening of experimental Turkish cinema for one night for anyone wishing to experience a taste of foreign film.

2013 Renegade Craft Fair

If you want to get your fix of arts and crafts from supremely talented independent artists, the Renegade Craft Fair returns to prove just how badass crafts can be.

What can you expect to find at this bazaar? Try thinking of something and you’ll likely find an artist with a table full of homemade versions of it. Whether it’s clothing, jewelry, perfume, furniture or lighting, this boutique expo is a great way to support and celebrate the everyday artists walking amongst us.

Prom Night at Anarchy Championship Wrestling

The month of May marks the traditional season of prom, when youngsters across the country force their parents to pay for gowns, tuxedoes and limos for a single night that usually has a theme along the lines of “under the sea” or “Paris,” when in reality the theme always devolves into “bad decisions.”

If you want to relive the high school glory days while watching beat-downs and acrobatics, Anarchy Championship Wrestling invites you to put on your best evening wear and strap on those cummerbunds. Since it’s at the Mohawk, you can actually enjoy an evening under the stars and take advantage of the fact that you can now legally drink.

However you decide to enjoy the weekend, enjoy it while it lasts. Just make sure to start stocking up on antiperspirant.