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Links we love today

Florence Welch in a bear suit, online comedy previews from IFC, Malkovich's iPhone ads and more

Here are the links we loved today:

Happy Thursday: Full episodes of IFC summer series Comedy Bang Bang and Bunk are streaming online.

Eminem is working on a new solo album.

If you’re not busy tonight maybe we could play Wes Anderson bingo? We can sample these literary mixed drinks!

Stylist names their 50 favorite cookbooks.

Why one New Yorker writer (and, ahem, one CultureMap editor) decided to deactivate their Facebook.

Let’s explore the lost projects of Dan Harmon.

And take a look at this footage from Stone Roses’ recent UK reunion.

Of all the reasons to get divorced, “Her 550 cats stole my food” is up there.

Would you want to read your year-old texts?

Author Jennifer Egan will be releasing her next story line by line on Twitter.

After abruptly reopening the 33-year-old case earlier this year, authorities claim they’ve gotten a confession from the man responsible for kidnapping New Yorker Etan Patz.

Hip Hop Squares premiered, teaches us that Childish Gambino came from the Wu Tang Rap Name Generator.

Check out John Malkovich’s iPhone ad (this one, too):

Florence Welch, dressed like a bear, covering Talking Heads:


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