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Austin's best burgers and Lady Bird's new Boardwalk top the most popular stories of the week

Contigo Austin hamburger
To celebrate National Burger Day, we picked 11 of the best burgers in Austin.  Courtesy of Contigo
Austin Photo Set: Elle_Boardwalk Trail Completion Project_oct 2012_2
The Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk opens June 7. Courtesy of The Boardwalk Trail Completion Project
Contigo Austin hamburger
Austin Photo Set: Elle_Boardwalk Trail Completion Project_oct 2012_2

The best burgers in Austin, a visit from the world's No. 2 restaurant and Lady Bird Lake's new trail are just some of the stories that got you clicking on CultureMap this week. 

In case you missed them, read on for a full recap of our most popular stories. 

1. We celebrated National Burger Day by dishing on 11 of the best burgers in Austin

2. Good news for revelers: The City announced that it will no longer enforce weekend towing at a popular downtown parking lot

3. The world's No. 2 restaurant is headed to Texas later this summer. We've got the details on El Celler de Can Roca's stateside stay. 

4. Lady Bird Lake's new Boardwalk Trail is set to open on June 7. 

5. Some pretty ridiculous words are being added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary this year. 

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