Weekend Roundup

Enjoy the weekend with headbanging, sausage and sci-fi

Enjoy the weekend with headbanging, sausage and sci-fi

William Shatner as Captain Kirk in Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan
Austin Photo Set: queerbomb_june 2012_16
Fan crowd surfs at a Chaos in Tejas show in 2009

After a four-day workweek you realize one of two things: It either feels like it’s just as long as a regular five-day workweek, or you suddenly realize you got a lot less done than you normally would. It’s basically Newton’s third law of motion: For every day of rest by the pool, there is another day of trudging through your inbox.

But just because you feel like you’re still playing catch-up, it doesn’t mean you should shut yourself in for the next two days. There’s still fun to be had with our top picks for the weekend, so just procrastinate with your responsibilities. It got you through college, didn’t it?

Chaos in Tejas

If you have a ton of pent-up energy from sitting behind a desk all week, Chaos in Tejas is the place to unleash it. The hardcore music festival features the best of punk and metal from around the world that wants to make you sweat and destroy your eardrums.

A legion of bands are spread out across downtown Austin venues through Sunday, but if you can’t make up your mind then see what Chaos found Timmy Hefner recommends from the lineup. Whoever you see, just be ready to have a few hearing problems come Monday.

2013 Sausage & Opera Festival

Out in the nearby town of Elgin, you might discover the perfect combination of art and food. If you prefer to pair your Offenbach with your brats, then welcome to heaven.

Singers from the Franco-American Vocal Academy will regale audiences with a performance La Vie Parisienne, plus an art show and competition, a choir performance, a raffle, and all that you could possibly desire of the city’s famed sausage.

Queerbomb 2013

It’s that time again to fill the streets of Austin with pride and support for the ever-changing LGBTQIA community for the fourth year in a row. Starting with a rally at Pine Street Station, the crowd will then march down Sixth Street and back, so consider wearing some comfy shoes but feel free to go crazy with the rest of your outfit.

Special guest speakers will get the rally going, and while there is no official after party this year, Queerbomb invites everyone to spread across the city for unofficial parties and gatherings for maximum citywide coverage.

Master Pancake mocks Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Each week features a new weekly blockbuster during the summer, so the gang of Master Pancake wants to reflect that spirit with a special mockery of the classic Star Trek film that doesn’t have the whales but does have Ricardo Montalban spouting Melville.

For the uninitiated, Master Pancake provide live, comedic commentary during the course of the film a la Mystery Science Theater 3000, except with both good and bad films. Expect plenty of hearty laughs as they provide commentary over whether Montalban or Shatner is the best at chewing scenery.

Whatever you decide, treat this weekend as if it were a three-day weekend. Don’t let Monday roll around with a feeling like you could have done more.