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Peter Rabbit is a special kitty looking for a loving and patient home

Peter Rabbit is a special kitty looking for a loving and patient home

Peter Rabbit, Austin Pets Alive's pet of the week
Peter Rabbit Courtesy of Austin Pets Alive

Peter Rabbit gets his name from being a Manx, meaning a cat without a tail. Similar to Mattie, who we previously featured, this special kitty has some unique needs due to incontinence and sight issues. He is a playful, social, smart animal in need of a very loving home.

Name: Peter Rabbit

Sex: Male

Adult size: Medium

Weight: 8 pounds

Sign: Aquarius

Age: 1 year, 4 months

Spayed/neutered: Yes

Adoption donation: $125

Location: Town Lake Animal Center

Surprise fact: Peter Rabbit gets along with dogs; he likes to play with the dog in his foster home and respects the limits she sets on their playtime.

What APA! says about Peter Rabbit:

  • Peter Rabbit uses his soft trill to communicate with his foster family and other cats.
  • Practicing his hunting and chasing skills is one of his favorite activities. He likes to hide behind corners and wait for a fellow foster cat or dog to come by — then he goes in for the chase! His favorite toy is a string toy that he is very good at catching.
  • Peter Rabbit also has slight vision impairment. He can see just fine in a familiar area, but sometimes bumps into things if he's unfamiliar with his surroundings.

Why APA! says Peter Rabbit deserves your love:

  • The Manx gene, because it shortens and fuses the spine, can also lead to Manx Syndrome causing varying forms of incontinence, so Peter Rabbit is looking for a loving and patient home.
  • He also sometimes knuckles a hind leg and has an abnormal gait, but this does not mean he isn't able to run and chase with the best of them!

To donate or adopt Peter Rabbit, contact APA! through the organization's website.