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True Blood (finally!), remembering Lane Pryce, new Big Boi and more

True Blood (finally!), remembering Lane Pryce, new Big Boi and more

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Here are the links we loved today, curated by Bonnie Stewart (@andclyde):


Eating 20 lobster rolls is suddenly the only way I want to spend my Sunday.

While I'm doing that, will someone head over to Uchiko and tell me how this is?  

A thing to do while you're waiting for tonight's True Blood premiere is stare at the new Calvin Klein fragrance ads featuring Alexander Skaarsgard.  

Or, between now and Mad Men, spend some time with Buzzfeed's tribute to Lane Pryce.

Or, if you're a white boy feeling bad about yourself, just watch TV all day. 

Wait wait wait wait wait. HuffPo has an entire "Divorce" section? It's a place where obvious questions are asked, we learn things like that Olivia Wilde got engaged to an Italian prince at Burning Man and got married in the back of a school bus, and even turtles can't break up in peace.

New Big Boi is set to drop in November.

Kim Kardashian acted. It went like you think it did


Everything about the Electric Daisy Carnival is hilarious to me, this run down of night one absolutely included.  ("'at least the security line was a breeze,' says Diana, 27, from San Diego")


Re: #4 - yup. 

In honor of Gay Pride Weekend, LA Weekly asks what it means to be gay, author Toby Johnson gives areally, really good answer.


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