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What the Pizzle?

Check your refrigerators: North Austin grocer named in beef penis lawsuit

exterior of MT Supermarket
North Austin's MT Supermarket was named in a civil suit filed by the Office of the Texas Attorney General. Photo courtesy of MT Supermarket
interior of MT Supermarket in Chinatown Center north Austin
MT Supermarket says it is the largest international supermarket in Central Texas. Photo courtesy of MT Supermarket/Facebook
exterior of MT Supermarket
interior of MT Supermarket in Chinatown Center north Austin

Local shoppers in North Austin may have unwittingly consumed improperly labeled pizzle, according to a lawsuit from the Office of the Texas Attorney General. 

In the lawsuit filed against MT Supermarket and several of its employees, it is alleged that the grocery store in the Chinatown Shopping Center on North Lamar Boulevard improperly labeled and sold pizzle for human consumption.

You're probably asking yourself, "What is pizzle?" Pizzle is the common term for beef penis, and in the U.S. it’s mostly used in dog treats or rendered for use in glue. Pizzle from cattle and deer is used in various soups and dishes in other countries.

The civil suit alleges that a manager and several employees took pizzle from boxes labeled as "inedible beef" that were not meant to be sold as human food. Not only were the packages of pizzle relabeled as food and sold to customers, the suit also states that the MT Supermarket marked the packages as having come from a registered, inspected source. 

A case judgment calls for $5,000 in fines against MT Supermarket and its employees named in the suit.

On the company’s website, MT Supermarket states that it is "the largest international grocery store in Central Texas." The store offers "an impressive selection of hard-to-find, as well as staple, Asian products."

In a January New York Times article, the supermarket was given "honorable mention for most promising micro-Chinatown" in America.

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