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Local delivery driver accused of slashing dogs' faces

Local delivery driver accused of slashing dogs' faces

KVUE — For Laura Crowell, her dogs are part of her family. What she says happened to two of them Friday night has left her shaken and angry.

"We were at our local neighborhood lake park, having fun on the boat when our neighbor called, frantic and said, 'The UPS driver just cut your dog,'" Crowell said.

She and her husband rushed home to find a package on their doorstep surrounded by puddles of blood. "It looked like someone had been murdered on our front porch," Crowell said. They found more blood on the driveway and inside the house. After being hurt, the dogs went in through the doggie door.

Their dog Samsom was slashed numerous times. "Sam has over 50 stitches and some staples in his mouth. It went so deep it went into his cheek into his gums," Crowell said.

Their great dane Seamus has cuts as well. "Right under his eye [he has] a gash, and a big gash down on his cheek. My dogs are big and they bark. Yes, they bark, but they're not aggressive," Crowell said. "We get deliveries all the time and in six years never had this happen."

Crowell says their yard is surrounded by an invisible fence, and the dogs can only go halfway down the driveway. She says their delivery drivers know to leave packages at the end and not on the front porch.


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A local delivery driver is accused of slashing dogs' faces. Photo by Quita Culpepper/KVUE