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Aqua Teen's new season (and name), checking in with Dr. Ruth, the latest from Grizzly Bear and more

Here are the links we loved today:

The Atlantic breaks down the whole “Ferris Bueller was really a figment of his friend’s imagination” theory.

Kanye and Jay-Z performed the same song 11 times during a recent four-hour show (and Buzzfeed’s helpfully compiled a video of them all).

Musicians Cass McCombs and Ariel Pink in conversation at Bomb.

The 50 worst album covers ever.

We’re terrified of / in love with this Ryan Gosling manicure.

Would you want to choose plane seat partners based on your mood?

Airtime = ChatRoulette - all the nudity?

The Rumpus interviews author Sheila Heti.

Hey millionaires, maybe you’re interested in purchasing this Norwegian submarine base?

Dr. Ruth is introducing her own line of low-alcohol (read: libido-friendly) wine; And in case you were wondering what Dr. Ruth thinks of erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey — she loves it:

Hooray, Grizzly Bear’s back! Expect a tour around the release of their latest as-yet-untitled album. Here’s the first single, “Sleeping Ute”:

Chris Gethard’s hitchhiking his way to Bonnaroo, still — let’s check in and see what happened when he got stranded in Hopi, AZ:

We dare you to watch the Ultimate Comedy Bang! Bang! trailer and not be ridiculously excited for the IFC premiere:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force has changed its name to Aqua Teen Something You Know Whatever, premieres a new season June 24:


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