Fun on the Fourth

Celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks, food and puppet patriotism

Celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks, food and puppet patriotis

Austin Photo Set: News_Austin_fireworks not banned_june 2012
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Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival
Photo courtesy of City of Pflugerville
team america world police
Austin Photo Set: News_Austin_fireworks not banned_june 2012
Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival
team america world police

It's time to start planning how to celebrate the best holiday of the summer: the Fourth of July. Hopefully, you remember that fireworks are illegal within the city limits, so don’t even try sneaking in your Roman candles and M-320s. Leave the bursting of bombs in air to the professionals.

For Independence Day entertainment, there is the good ol’ standby of the Austin Symphony performing patriotic tunes during the big fireworks display on Auditorium Shores. But there’s plenty more to do around town to show your love for America. Consider these top choices if you don’t want to hear "1812 Overture" once again and wonder why we even play a patriotic Russian song on the Fourth of July.

The Scoot Inn Fourth of July Pig Roast Spectacular
Good barbecue and grilling is just as important on July 4 as colorful explosions, and sometimes it’s best to leave the food to the professionals as well. The Scoot Inn will have you covered, and then some, with the Pig Roast Spectacular.

Along with enjoying some of that succulent "other white meat," Scoot Inn will turn the whole affair into one big party with live music from the Couch, Holiday Mountains, Loving Ugly and other bands, plus a little slip-n-sliding action and cornhole fun. You can try to copy this formula at home, but honestly there would be little hope of your party turning out to be just as fun.

Third Annual July Fourth Corn Dog Eating Contest
On every July 4 on Coney Island, the world’s attention turns to the premier competitive food-eating event, as professional speed-eaters stuff their faces to win the illustrious mustard-yellow belt. Who said the East Coast should have all of the fun? At Black Sheep Lodge, see an eating competition done the right way with a corn dog eating contest. Even if you can’t partake in the race, you can still cheer on your favorite competitor and enjoy your own good food, since a portion of the day’s sales will benefit Austin Pets Alive!.

Pflugerville Pfirecracker Pfestival 2013
If you’re willing to brave the day’s heat, then consider some fun in the great outdoors over at Lake Pflugerville for a special Fourth of July festival that celebrates America, music, food, family fun and superfluous p’s.

It might seem a little out of the way at first, but if you want to beat the heat you can’t go wrong with a little fun out by the water with a special picnic. While you can do that at just about any nearby body of water, do any of those celebrations have a name as awesome as this one?

Action Pack Presents the Team America: World Police Quote-Along
Freedom isn’t free, and Team America taught all of us the price that must be paid to maintain it (it’s a buck ‘o five, by the way). Trey Parker and Matt Stone proved once again that they don’t need to rely on South Park to provide us with a raunchy and hilarious satire.

The War on Terror was the target of their puppet-filled action flick, with both war hawks and doves getting the Parker and Stone treatment. Even without the message, the film is as fun to watch as any summer blockbuster. The Action Pack will celebrate this pinnacle of patriotic fervor with free flags, streamers and balloons to show off your pride and to let the terrorists know that they will never win.