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Kid cool Austin activities for July: Super-soakers, concert series and classic arcade games

Kid cool Austin activities for July: Super-soakers & arcade games

Austin Splash Mob
July 6 - 3rd Annual Austin Splash Mob. Photo courtesy of Austin Splash Mob
Austin photo: event_master pancake_back to the future_january 2012_doc and marty
Sound and Cinema. July 17: Back to the Future, featuring live music by Hello Wheels, playing hits from the '50s and '80s.
Little shop of horrors
July 12 and Thurs-Sun in July - Zilker Theater Productions - “Little Shop of Horrors” Photo courtesy of Zilker Park
Austin Splash Mob
Austin photo: event_master pancake_back to the future_january 2012_doc and marty
Little shop of horrors

A spectacular Fourth of July firework display is special way for families to kick off the month. Continue to spark your kids' sense of curiosity, discovery and exploration during the month of July with the following events that are sure to keep your family booming with excitement. 

July 6, 3rd Annual Austin Splash Mob

Backyard Slip N’ Slides and Super Soakers are great ways for parents and kids to beat the summer heat, and finding a reason to get drenched isn’t a problem when the temperature reaches triple digits.

If running thru the garden hose is getting a little lackluster, then head over to Sixth Street for the 3rd Annual Austin Splash Mob. This event is exactly what it sounds like: an impulsive gathering of water guns, balloons, and anything else that causes spontaneous soaking. Fill up and head out for a summer splash that cleans up Sixth Street in more ways than one.

July 12, 19, 26, Music Under The Stars Free Concert Series 

There’s a good chance you’ve already taken your kids to a free concert series this summer. You may enjoy them, but for kids with short attention spans, it may be difficult for to stick around.

Music Under The Stars takes place at the Bob Bullock Museum, giving parents an educational option for wandering kids. The exhibit halls are open to the public, and the music lineup has favorites like Grupo Fantasma, along with fun family activities each week. Free music isn’t hard to find, and this concert series mixes Texas’ musical present with our past.  

July 13 - 21, Funnybun Family Picnic

Tell me if this sounds familiar: The dad trying to be funny; the mom keeping the peace; the brother that wants to goof off; and the daughter that wants nothing to do with any of them. Odds are good that any family will be able to relate to The Pollyanna Theatre Company’s original production, Funnybun Family PicnicFollow this clown family as they work out their problems with comedic consequences while lounging on The Long Center's lawn.

July 13, Classic Game Fest

Most of us remember an era of video games before birds and fruit-slaying ninjas took over, when consoles and cartridges or arcades full of quarter-sucking wonders were our only ways of getting our video game on. Like music and movies, we always remember the classics.

Classic Game Fest celebrates the period of time that gave us Zelda, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and hundreds of others. Held at the Palmer Events center, CGF, sponsored by Game Over Videogames and GamePlan Entertainment, will feature classic arcade machines, dealers rooms, tons of retro systems, live music and cosplay contests.

July 17, 31, Sound and Cinema

Memorable music enhances our enjoyment of movies. Your kids may not yet be aware of classic musical movie moments — like the "dun-dun" that accompanied a Jaws attack — but it’s never too soon to start showing them.

Start with a nighttime outing to The Long Center for Sound and Cinema. This mash-up of movies and music is brought to you by Do512 and the Alamo Drafthouse. Before the movie, there’s a musical performance that pays tribute to the evening’s classic film. Head back in time on the 17th with Hello Wheels and Back to the Future or rock out with Will Taylor and Strings Attached and School of Rock on the 31st. 

July 12, Thursday - Sunday in July, Little Shop of Horrors

If you’re willing to look beyond the fact Audrey II is a man-eating alien plant, then this is a great family outing. It’s true that Little Shop of Horrors mixes the macabre with outstanding musical numbers. With music and lyrics by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman (the duo behind Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast) the songs are catchy, retro and memorable for even the littlest theater-goers. The 55th Annual Zilker Summer Musical is a classic show for fans of music and bloodthirsty plants alike.