Weekend Roundup

Top events picks for the Fourth of July weekend

Top events picks for the Fourth of July weekend

When you wake up in the haze of a hamburger and light beer hangover, you’ll probably want to chug a pot of coffee, because the Fourth of July weekend has only just started. But don’t worry, the next few days offer some diverse choices for fun, whether you want to keep celebrating America or need a change of pace from overt patriotism.

Folk of July Fest
If you still want to bask in the afterglow of loving the good ol’ U.S.A., you can immerse yourself in true American music at the Scoot Inn’s Folk of July Fest. What makes the fest so American is surely its killer lineup of Texas musicians playing their brand of folk, Americana and country tunes. Make sure to have another outfit of red, white and blue for Saturday, because unlike most holidays, it’s totally cool to continue celebrating independence every day of the year.

Puppet Improv Project Presents Trash, a New Summer Musical
If you’ve had your fill of celebrating our nation, you can still take the time to celebrate the earth and conserving it with a new musical playing this weekend from the Puppet Improv Project. Trash is a particularly unique performance because, in keeping with its message of conservation and environmentalism, it is an eco-friendly show, with its entire colorful cast of puppet characters created from recycled and repurposed materials. The show practices what it preaches, and hopefully it will convince you and the kids to continue living with the same credo.

Kyle’s Brew Fest
Musician Kyle Hollingsworth is known as a member of jam band The String Cheese Incident, but he's also an avid brewmaster. So avid, in fact, that he hosts his own brew fests while on tour. Prior to the band’s Saturday performance at The Backyard, Hollingsworth will host tastings from over 10 craft breweries, while performing with Mountain Standard Time. To further prove how cool of a dude he is, the fest and a silent auction will benefit Conscious Alliance, because beer always tastes better when it’s for a good cause.

Benson Movie Interruption
Comedian Doug Benson is once again packing his visit to town with several shows that celebrate his love of films, both good and bad. The Benson Movie Interruption features Doug and a few of his pals sitting up front while watching some not-so-classic cinema, taking the opportunity to speak up during the course of the film to provide thought-provoking insights. With a lineup that includes Hulk, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Terminator 3, don’t be surprised if Benson needs to burn a few just to get through all of them. 

Folk of July Fest at the Scoot Inn. Courtesy of eyeinthesky.org
Kyle's Brew Fest. Courtesy of jamscenes.blogspot.com