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APA!'s Mommy is a gentle soul looking for her place in the sun

Mommy Austin Pets Alive!
A calm, docile cat, Mommy likes to hang out in the background and take it all in. Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Mommy Austin Pets Alive!
Mommy loves a sunny spot to nap. Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Mommy Austin Pets Alive!
Mommy Austin Pets Alive!

For some, life is about the simple pleasures: a friendly pat on the head, a sunny spot to take a nap, a few friends to hang out with. Mommy is the kind of cat who enjoys these simple pleasures. A docile, calm soul, this APA! gem is looking for a home where she can celebrate all life has to offer.

Name: Mommy

Sex: Female

Breed: Domestic shorthair mix

Adult size: Medium

Age: 11 years

Sign: Gemini

Spayed/neutered: Yes

Adoption donation: $18.75

Location: In foster

What APA! says about Mommy:

Mommy is a gorgeous, pure white kitty. A very mellow cat, she would love to share a home with mellow human companions who don't mind giving her a bit of "me" time every now and then. Mommy does enjoy company when she's in the mood for it and likes to greet you when you come home. She's a big fan of head scratches and may even meow back when you say "hello."

Mommy is FIV+, which is not contagious to humans or dogs. Because she is FIV+, she must live as a solo cat or with another FIV+ cat. FIV+ cats to have close-to-normal life spans and you would never know she had FIV just by looking at her. The only big difference between owning a special kitty like Mommy is that she can get sicker faster than other cats. So she needs to go to the vet annually on time and be kept up to date on her vaccines.

Why APA! says she deserves your love:

Mommy is mostly a sedentary cat who prefers napping in a cozy place than playing with her toys. She would be very happy in a home where she has some warm, sunny spots to sleep and special time to hang out with her human companions.

While Mommy isn't too keen on dogs, a canine companion that won't harsh her mellow would probably be fine.


To learn more about Mommy, including how to meet her, visit the APA! website.

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