Beat the Heat

Here's how to have the ultimate chill day during the hot Austin summer

Here's how to have the ultimate chill day during the hot Austin summer

GoodPop popsicle cocktails poptails
Dip a GoodPop into a glass of bubbly to make a refreshing cocktail. GoodPop/Facebook
Viva Day Spa
Chill out with a Viva Day Spa treatment. Viva Day Spa/Facebook
Spun and Anjore presents Ice Cream Social Supper
Spun Ice Cream uses liquid nitrogen to freeze your dessert right in front of your eyes. Photo by Amerykah Trevino-Martinez
GoodPop popsicle cocktails poptails
Viva Day Spa
Spun and Anjore presents Ice Cream Social Supper

Summers in Austin are hot, sometimes unbearably so. To combat the rising temperatures, we've made an itinerary for the ultimate chill day in Austin, complete with cool activities and frozen treats.

Here's how to stay cold in Austin from sun up to sun down.

Wake up with a cold brew
Forget brewing a pot of coffee at home — that stuff is just too damn hot. Start your day off at Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors, which makes one of the best — and strongest — cold-brew coffees around. You can also pick up a High Brew Coffee (best poured over ice) or a Chameleon Cold Brew. Between the two local brands, you have several flavor options with just enough caffeine to kick-start your chill day.

Take a spin on the ice
Nothing is cooler than gliding on ice. After you're fully caffeinated on cold brew, head to Chaparral Ice in North Austin for a little ice-skating session. It's $10 for admission and skate rental. Just check in ahead of your visit for public skating hours.

Use cold healing powers
After showing off your sweet skating moves, you might be a little sore. Use cryotherapy to cool your entire body at Cryo Body Works. The process involves cold vapor inside of a cryosauna, which is said to reduce muscle stiffness and pain. Individual sessions are $35, $28 if it's your first visit.

Treat yourself to a spa trip
Cool off with one of Viva Day Spa's summer deals. The seasonal Head-to-Glow package ($295) includes a massage, coconut-vanilla back scrub, blueberry detox peel facial, and pedicure. The Mandatory package ($175), geared more towards men, features cooling peppermint towels, a mint scalp treatment, and massage.

Eat a frozen dessert
By this point you've probably worked up an appetite. Head to Spun Ice Cream, an East Austin shop that freezes each scoop of ice cream in front of your eyes using liquid nitrogen. With a temperature of negative 321 degrees, the magical substance freezes dairy extremely fast and creates a dessert that's delightfully smooth.

Chill out with a cocktail
Now that you've had a full day of chilly activities, it's time for a drink. Try Hightower's frozen caipirinha, which offers add-ins of Ancho Reyes, Solerno blood orange liqueur, strawberry puree, and sangria. Or, for an unbeatably refreshing cocktail at home, dip a GoodPop into a glass of bubbly (anything from champagne to Topo Chico will do). Then sip slowly as the Popsicle melts, giving your drink more flavor while keeping it cold at the same time. If the sun has set and temps have started to drop, maybe — just maybe — you can enjoy your drink outside on the porch.

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