A tear in my PBR: Portland is more hipster than Austin

A tear in my PBR: Portland is more hipster than Austin

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Portland is more hipster than Austin. Dweebist.com

Austinites either take great pride or are greatly annoyed by the fact that the city hosts a vibrant community of hipsters riding around on their fixies going from coffee shop to music fest. However, when it comes to fostering the most hipster-friendly environment, the Live Music Capital of the World can’t beat out the home of Portlandia.

Movoto, a real estate blog that covers the lighter side of where to live, set out to discover which city has more to offer aficionados of waxed facial hair and ironic tattoos. The site looked at the prevalence of hipster amenities — “artsy” jobs, vinyl record stores and bikeability — and compared that to the overall number of hipster-aged residents in town — those ages 20 to 34. After crunching the numbers, Movoto determined the top hipster city, and it really wasn’t as close as one might think.

Austin only came out on top in two categories: the percentage of hipster-aged residents and the number of people employed in “artsy” jobs. These jobs don’t just include careers in the actual arts, but also the service industry. So, Austin employs a large percentage of young people at coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

According to Movoto, Portland is able to pack a whole lot more hipster preferences into its confines. The City of Roses offers more options per resident when it comes to vintage clothing stores, dive bars, record shops and veggie restaurants. The major knockout comes with Portland having a greater walkability and bikeability score than Austin.

To pour more salt on the wound, Portland also has more Whole Foods Market locations per capita than the grocery chain's birthplace.

While Austin tries to keep it weird, it seems the dream of the '90s is alive and well in Portland.