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Lab-grown beef, Washington Post sale and more links we hate right now

Lab-grown beef, Washington Post sale and more links we hate right now

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, smart and funny on the Internet. Then there's the wildly entertaining yet depressing genre. In this reverse edition of Links We Love, we focus on five recent stories that captivated our attention and also made us cringe.

1. Long-awaited lab-grown burger is unveiled in London. You've probably eaten questionable meat before. Cafeterias, street fairs and your neighbor's barbecue all have a certain air of mystery. But never before has your burger come from the confines of a science laboratory. As NPR reports, the burger began as a few stem cells from a cow's shoulder. It's being called "cultured beef," and, for the record, we are not okay with that. 

2. founder Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post for $250 million. One of the nation's oldest and most respected newspapers is about to have a new owner. Jeff Bezos, 49, studied computer science and electrical engineering at Princeton before founding Amazon at age 30. Bezos has never worked in the newspaper industry.

“He’s everything we were looking for — a business leader with a track record of entrepreneurship who believes in our values and cares about journalism, and someone who was willing to pay a fair price to our shareholders,” said publisher Katharine Weymouth, whose family has owned the paper for 80 years.

3. A reminder that Dwight Howard turned down a career of global domination with the Dallas Mavericks to go to Houston. This positively wondrous video was meant to woo power forward Dwight Howard to Big D. Instead, it appears to have driven him into the arms of the Houston Rockets. 

4. New software saves Snapchat pictures and videos. Just when you thought you'd pulled the wool over the NSA and your soon-to-be-ex boyfriend, Sepia Software comes out with "Screenshot for Snapchat." The program operates exactly as advertised. Snapchat photos and videos automatically delete after 10 seconds, but this software saves the images and allows you to share them with other users. What could possibly go wrong? 

5. Not sleeping well? Blame the moon. According to the journal Current Biology, you're fighting more than caffeine, stress and snoring to get a good night's sleep. The phases of the moon are also working against your sweet slumber. New research shows that deep sleep is disrupted by up to 30 percent during a full moon, and it's not just an issue of light/darkness. 

Longhorn Beef Co. longhorns cattle grass fed
The lab-grown hamburger that debuted in London started as a couple of stem cells from a cow's shoulder. Longhorn Beef Co.
The Washington Post is not immune to financial troubles plaguing newspapers across the world.