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Teen Mom strips in Austin, best fried chicken joints and more popular stories

Mettle Fried Chicken
We've rounded up the best fried chicken in Austin. Courtesy of Mettle

What's Austin talking about right now? A weird "celebrity" appearance (in the form of a stripping Teen Mom) and the city's best fried chicken.

Read on for the five most popular stories of the week.  

1. Is Austin experiencing a housing bubble? A new study says homes are overvalued

2. We've rounded up the best fried chicken in Austin — and secrets behind our favorite recipes. 

3. In more food news, Bon Appetit has nominated three local gems for Best New Restaurant 2014.

4. Former Teen Mom "star" Farrah Abraham is working at a local strip club. For real. 

5. A hidden cave in North Austin was discovered by construction crews. 

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