Weekend Roundup

Spend the weekend with bats, live music, Bollywood dancers and more bats

Spend the weekend with bats, music, Bollywood dancers and more bats

Events_generic_bats_April 10
Watch the bats take off into the night during this year's BatFest. Photo by sirtrentalot
Dave Chappelle
Comedian Dave Chappelle will make his return to Austin at the Oddball Comedy & Oddity Festival. Dave Chappelle/Facebook
Austin Music People AMP United We Jam poster 2013
Support local music during AMP's United We Jam this weekend. Courtesy of AMP
Events_generic_bats_April 10
Dave Chappelle
Austin Music People AMP United We Jam poster 2013

You’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel, the weekend is here! All of your hard work has paid off and you've earned a few days of relaxation, but there’s fun to be had during a weekend with weather that will make you think that September is here already.

Here are some of the best bets for having a little bit of fun and recharging your batteries before Monday.

Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival with Dave Chappelle

We're not sure why an event calls itself a festival when it only lasts for one evening, but the touring Oddball Comedy & Oddity Festival presents a lineup of comedians that is guaranteeded to make you laugh.

Oddball keeps it short and sweet with a night of some of the hottest new names in comedy along with some returning faces. Dave Chappelle's infamous performance a  at the Paramount a while back may have left us with a bad taste in our mouth, but here's hoping he’s gotten back into his old groove. Flight of the Conchords is another comedy act that’s taken a break from the limelight in recent years, but is there any doubt that Bret and Jemaine will be off their game? Probably not.

Om Shanti – Once Upon a Time in Bollywood

We talked earlier this week about the latest musical debuting this weekend at the Long Center, but we really think it's worth another plug. Writer-producer-actor Prakash Mohandas does a great job explaining why his production will appeal to both fans of South Asian culture and film or anyone who just wants to learn more about it.

Om Shanti basically takes the genre of Bollywood films to the stage for an extravagant live performance filled with large dance numbers and the star-crossed lovers popular in Hindi — or really any— film. It also serves as a wonderful reminder of the wonderful diversity of Austin attractions.

Austin Music People’s United We Jam Music Festival

AMP regularly hosts monthly benefit nights to support the local bands, brands and fans that make Austin the Live Music Capital of the World, but this weekend they have their eyes set on something much bigger. United We Jam will take over the epicenter of Austin’s live music scene in venues along Red River and on the East Side.

Popular venues such as Mohawk, Red 7, Scoot Inn, the White Horse, Hotel Vegas and plenty more will host local musicians rocking out for the community. There will be no wristbands or headache-inducing traffic jams, just awesome live music with cover charges around the cost of a Shiner. It’s a music festival by the people and for the people.

Ninth Annual Night of the Bat Festival

Live music may be the cultural heartbeat of Austin, but the Mexican free-tailed bat is our city's mascot. More than 1.5 million of the critters fly daily during the summer months from under the Congress Avenue Bridge. Celebrate nature’s best pest controllers with an evening of live music, food, drinks and family activities as the sun sets and the bats take flight into the night.

But really, BatFest has perfect timing this year due to a recent casting decision relating to Batman in the Man of Steel follow-up. Is there a better way to celebrate — or  lament — the casting of Ben Affleck as the next Dark Knight? BatFest will have a bat costume contest, so you’re a shoo-in to win if you just put on a Batman cowl and say in your most ridiculous Southie accent, "Go Sox!"