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Wal-Mart buys East 6th property and aquarium owners in hot water top 5 most popular stories this week

Wal-Mart snaps up East 6th property tops 5 most popular stories

The week that will forever be known as "the week the Wal-Mart story was posted on Facebook feeds again and again —and then one more time" — has come to an end. Let's all just take the weekend to relax, blow off some steam and remember that for every Walton family-owned condo building, there are hundreds of wonderful places that make this city great. 

1. A Wal-Mart company bought property on East Sixth Street. If you still haven't read it, we suggest you don't post it on Facebook.

2. The owners of Austin's new aquarium are in hot water after being linked to hundreds of animal abuses and deaths.

3. In July, Austin broke the record for most homes sold in a month ever.

4. An Austin entrepreneur is taking an interesting approach to ending unemployment — and boredom!

5. CultureMap asked the best chefs in Austin: What is your favorite kitchen tool?

Nuevo Leon Restaurant East Sixth Street
The site of the former Nuevo Leon restaurant on East Sixth Street was recently purchased by WPC LCC, a subsidary of Wal-Mart. Courtesy of Nuevo Leon/Facebook