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Make your move with this Austin makeout list

queer bomb pedicab
Pedicabs are a great makeout place – especially during a parade. Photo by Shelley Neuman
Austin Photo Set: Blythe_kids summer fun_june 2012_zilker park
There are plenty of makeout places tucked away in Zilker Park. Courtesy of AustinTexasGov
Weather Up Austin Photo courtesy of Weather Up/Facebook
Make out while you roll. Or after. Photo courtesy of Playland Skate Center/Facebook
Violet Crown Social Club Photo courtesy of Violet Crown/Facebook
The Contemporary Austin is a surprisingly good makeout spot. Photo courtesy of The Contemporary Austin/Facebook
The Tigress Photo courtesy of The Tigress/Facebook
Town Lake near Longhorn Shores Photo courtesy of Austin Parks Foundation
UT Ole Miss Dalegate in Austin 2013 4007
A tailgate party should get you in the mood. Photo by Jon Shapley
queer bomb pedicab
Austin Photo Set: Blythe_kids summer fun_june 2012_zilker park
UT Ole Miss Dalegate in Austin 2013 4007

Austin is chock-full of date-night destinations. But what if you’re ready to embrace your inner teenager and find the perfect spot to lock lips? We have you covered. CultureMap’s Makeout Map will show you the way Smoochtown. Location-wise, that is – the moves are up to you.

The Tigress Pub/Drink.Well.

These North Loop locations are a great place for a date and maybe more. Stroll the street and browse the vintage offerings of Room Service and Hog Wild before popping into The Tigress Pub for a cocktail. Mosey on over to Drink.Well.’s darkened locale for a bite and some booze in one of the restaurant’s dark and mysterious corners. You can even have a house-made Twinkie for dessert. It’s not a makeout session if it doesn’t end in baked goods, right?

Longhorn Shores

Sure, everyone has spent time on Town Lake’s Lamar Pedestrian Bridge. It’s the vantage point that engagement photos are made of. But on the East end of the lake is a truly lovely location to watch a sunset and sneak a smooch or two. And if things don’t go well, you can always gawk at the runners.

Tony Burger Center

Before you start questioning this choice, listen up, folks. This South Austin recreational destination may seem like a lowly sporting event center. And maybe it is. But it also served as the scene for some of the games from Friday Night Lights, as well as the first kiss for adolescent Austinites for generations. So if you want to channel your inner Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen, head on over and put that car into park. Just don’t tell Grandma.

Weather Up/Whisler’s

“It’s full of dark corners, for doing dark deeds.” That trampy lady in Love Actually was on to something, guys. Corners where no one’s watching are the epicenter of Makeout Town, and these spots have them in folds. Sip a craft cocktail and sidle up to a booth, because things will move pretty quickly from there.

Zilker Park

If you can manage to avoid getting hit by a Frisbee, this is a pretty fantastic place to lock lips. What’s more romantic than a picnic? Pack up some food and head to Rock Island. Or grab a blanket and lounge in the grass with some boxed wine and a book of poems. They don’t put things like this in coming-of-age movies for no reason, you know.

Violet Crown Social Club

Think of this East Sixth Street hang as the seedy younger brother to Whisler's or Weather Up. If you're looking for darkness, Violet Crown has it. Sip cheap drinks and eat pizza from Villa 313; things will take themselves from there. Plus, with deals aplenty, you won't have to break the bank to get your mack on. (I'm sorry, that was gross.)

Playland Skate Center

OK, sure. Technically, this is place for children to skate. Technically, it's a family-friendly affair. Technically, they don't allow alcohol. But if you're looking for some good, clean fun that could get dirtier, this isn't a bad option. Get your couples skate on with some slow jamz, and before you turn in your skates, turn a corner and you've got your locale. 

The Contemporary Austin

Think of this gallery, formerly Arthouse at the Jones Center, as a setting for your own personal Garden State. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl peruse art. Boy and girl get hot and heavy on the rooftop. The picture practically paints itself (pun intended).

The Back of a Pedicab

If privacy isn't your bag,  more power to you. Unless you're making out with your pedicab driver, which takes this to a whole new recreational level. Kudos.

A UT Tailgate

There's beer, there's adrenaline, and there are nachos. What more could you ask for? And with college football season under way, this is one of your best bets! Just step behind one of the tents and do your thing. Trust me, none of the frat boys are going to notice.

There you have it, lustful Austinites. These are just a handful places our fair city to get cozy. All you need to bring is the Chapstick. 

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