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Wendy Davis is too stupid to be governor, says angry Austin man

Greg Abbott
This latest debacle is the second time in less than a month that the Abbott campaign has been criticized for its tweets. Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia
State Sen. Wendy Davis
Greg Abbott

From the first sentence, it's evident that things may not go well: "The good news of the day, especially if you love ‘Merica, guns, freedom, and Liberty." [sic]

And so begins a blog post this week from Urban Grounds, an Austin-based (okay, Spicewood-based) blog run by Robbie Cooper, a self-proclaimed "former US Army medic, current biker, sometimes technical writer, future organ donor – living a conservative life in liberal Austin." According to his Twitter bio, Cooper "survive(s) almost entirely on hate & caffeine And sometimes whiskey." [Again, sic].

Forget the Harvard law degree; because she dyes her hair, Davis is a dummy.

This week, Cooper, whose writing is unabashedly both racist and sexist, penned a blog post titled "Total Recall in Colorado (and why Wendy Davis is too Stupid to be Governor)" [sic]. In his post, he outlines exactly why he thinks Davis is stupid: 1. She has fake blond hair, and 2. Davis has previously supported legislation that would require people purchasing guns at gun shows to buy from licensed dealers or pass background checks. Forget the Harvard law degree; because she dyes her hair, Davis is a dummy.

While the wild rant of a political blogger is hardly news, what is surprising (or is it?) is that Dave Carney, a top political adviser to Texas Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Greg Abbott tweeted a link to the story.



It seems an odd tactic for any member of the Abbott campaign to align with the ideology of someone like Cooper at a time when the GOP is struggling to appeal to both female and minority voters. Plus, if you read long enough, Cooper manages to offend pretty much everyone else, including pit bull owners, Muslims, African-Americans and Bruce Springsteen fans. And that was just in the last two weeks.

In light of August's 'retard Barbie' Twitter comment, it would perhaps be in the best interest of the Abbott campaign to just quit endorsing any commentary about Davis' appearance and, perhaps, maybe just quit antagonizing Texas women in general. Or maybe they should just get off of Twitter.

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