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The next hipster cities, Google Fiber's impending launch and more top stories

The next hipster cities, Google Fiber's launch & more top stories

Birmingham Alabama
What are the next hipster cities in the U.S.? Courtesy of El Barrio/Facebook
Google Fiber logo
We've compiled everything you need to know about Google Fiber launching in Austin.  Google Fiber/ Google
Birmingham Alabama
Google Fiber logo

It's been another buzzy, busy week in the Capital City. As you settle into the weekend, take a look back at our most popular stories, from our picks for the next hipster cities to a full rundown of Google Fiber's highly anticipated Austin launch.

1. What are the next hipster cities in America? Contributor Lauren Modery has an idea. 

2. Here's everything we know about Google Fiber's impending launch in Austin. 

3. A local Lyft driver was towed and ticketed as part of a sting operation.

4. Two Austin favorites snagged spots on the best food trucks in America list. 

5. We've got your sneak peek at the St. Philip bakery menu, available next week.