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Sexy times ahead: Get ready for a romantic weekend of amour in the ATX

Sexy times ahead: Get ready for a romantic weekend of amour in the ATX

Fall always gets us thinking about romance and imagination and possibilities, and this year is no exception. It's just a sexy time of year, ladies and gentlemen.

As the weather cools, it's closer to sweater weather and there are more opportunities to snuggle up with your potential sweetheart in public, sharing a pint, good meal or movie. This weekend, we've got a number of exciting events that are sure to get your blood racing and your heart pumping to put you in the mood.

Friday night, the ND hosts a playful burlesque benefit for OutYouth called Burly Burly, featuring primarily male dancers getting down to (risky) business in their sparkly skivvies. The show is a sexy, playful version of the usual burlesque you can find most other weekends in Austin, but it makes a huge difference having male dancers doing all the shaking and stripping down.

Following the sexy train all the way to the station, the ladies of BedPost Confessions are welcoming performance artist and storyteller Cameryn Moore to Austin for two intimate salons featuring her one woman show, slut (r)evolution. Moore will take the stage on Friday and Saturday night at Salvage Vanguard Theater, following salacious stories by BedPost's own Sadie Smythe and Rosie Q and appetizing treats from Etta Strawberry.

Also Friday night, David Byrne and St. Vincent join together to perform songs from their new collaborative album, Love This Giant, at Bass Concert Hall. The former Talking Heads frontman has established himself as a multi-genre auteur of the highest order, and his contemporary appeal fits elegantly and smartly with the former Polyphonic Spree chanteuse (whose real name is Annie Clark). Their new album is a perfect blend of their sensibilities and a collaboration in every sense of the word.

Kicking off the major film festivals of the fall, The 25th Annual Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (now also called the Polari Fest) is already in high gear, with screenings and events held in many of the best theaters around town. You definitely don't have to be queer to love these films that run the gamut of informational documentaries, romantic comedies, science fiction and horror films and many more.

If you want romance, this marks the opening weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival, the "nation's largest and most acclaimed Renaissance theme park." Every weekend enjoys a different historical theme, but also involves what you love most about the RenFest: turkey legs! Of course, jousting, musical performances, fantastic costumes and plenty of shopping all take place at the expansive, magical theme park out in Plantersville.

Maybe you like your merriment with 100 percent less velvet tunics. Then we can suggest you get your spirits on while supporting local brewers at Saturday's Texas Craft Brewer's Festival at Fiesta Gardens. Learn more about the beers and ales that make our city a good place to be a beer lover so you can show off to your friends the next time you're at the pub.

And while it's not the love story you might expect, Ballet Austin's latest production of The Taming of the Shrew is an energetic new approach to Shakespeare's comedy about overcoming one's vehement resistance to marriage. Told entirely through creative choreography by Stephen Mills at The Long Center, this is the same age-old story of tough-as-nails Kate doing everything in her power to deter her would-be suitors, only to meet her match in the cunning Petruchio.

Finally, for those who simply love to dream of romantic possibilities, the AIA Austin Homes Tour provides the perfect backdrop for all of your home and garden ideas. See how the architecturally-fortunate half lives on this tour of new or recently renovated homes that will hopefully inspire you, and not just prompt intense jealousy. You can get tickets and maps for Saturday and Sunday at Zinger Hardware, Treehouse or directly from AIA.

How's that for a pretty engaging weekend? Romance, love stories and sex all wrapped up in one lovely October series of days. Just make sure to find someone (or someones) to share these great events with. You don't want to miss out on making your own special events, if you get our drift...

Be safe, have fun and we'll see you back next weekend when ACL Fest launches into full effect!

News_Texas Renaissance Festival_wedding ceremony
It's time for the Texas Renaissance Festival! What's more romantic than that? A wedding at the Renaissance Festival, probably. Photo by Tracy Sigmon/Texas Renaissance Festival/Facebook
Austin Photo_ News_ Mike_Taming of the Shrew_Ballet Austin
Kate and Petruchio go head to head in Ballet Austin's The Taming of the Shrew. Ballet Austin
Austin Photo Set: News_Adrienne Breaux_AIA Homes_September 2011_paul lamb
You can't move in, but you can dream about it at the AIA Austin Homes Tour. Courtesy of Paul Lamb Architects
Austin Photo_ News_ Mike_slut (r)evolution_Cameryn Moore
Solo performer Cameryn Moore is the special guest at the BedPost Confessions weekend-long salon at Salvage Vanguard. Courtesy of Cameryn Moore