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10 best hangover cures from Austin's favorite spots

10 best hangover cures from Austin's favorite spots

Kerbey Lane Cafe queso
Everyone knows that putting cheese on something makes it better — including hangovers. Kerbey Lane Cafe/Facebook
JuiceLand Recovery Punch
For a hangover cure, try the Recovery Punch from JuiceLand with coconut water, watermelon, beets, and pineapple. JuiceLand/Facebook
Hightower chicken and waffles
A blend of savory and sweet, The Hightower's chicken and waffles aids with the "I drank too much last night" woes. The Hightower/Facebook
Austin Photo Set: News_Aimee Wenske_gypsy picnic_food_Oct 2011_bananarchy
Bananas have tons of potassium and electrolytes, which can bust that hangover. Photo by Aimee Wenske
High Brew Coffee double espress flavor can
The caffeine content in High Brew's cold-brewed coffee can help get rid of those pesky headaches. High Brew Coffee/Facebook
Kerbey Lane Cafe queso
JuiceLand Recovery Punch
Hightower chicken and waffles
Austin Photo Set: News_Aimee Wenske_gypsy picnic_food_Oct 2011_bananarchy
High Brew Coffee double espress flavor can

Eventually the multitude of wine bars, trendy clubs, cocktails havens, and craft breweries in Austin will catch up to you. For those mornings after a long night out on the town, here's a roundup of the best (and most delicious) hangover cures from our favorite local restaurants, bars, and companies, ranging from the classic to the more eclectic of options.

Recovery Punch from JuiceLand
This aptly named drink is sure to get your body back on track. Coconut water and watermelon will help you rehydrate, while beet and pineapple bring the nutrients. If that doesn't sound like your kind of flavor combo, JuiceLand has tons of other options that will aid in your hangover recovery.

Breakfast tacos at Rosita's Al Pastor
The worst-kept secret in Austin is how delicious Rosita's Al Pastor is. This little Riverside Drive restaurant is the place for its titular al pastor, but Rosita's also offers up some mean breakfast tacos. It's not open for dinner, but Rosita's serves breakfast all day, so as long as you wake up and get there before 5 pm, you're good to go.

Cold-brew coffee from High Brew
If your hangovers tend to come with headaches, caffeine is a known remedy for that particular symptom. We suggest the double espresso cold brew from High Brew, which is available at a majority of grocery and convenient stores around town.

Chicken and waffles at The Hightower
The greasy food hangover cure may not be proven, but carbs definitely help soak up all that alcohol and get your blood sugar back up. Hands down, the tastiest carb-loaded dish is chicken and waffles because it combines the best of dinner and breakfast. The Hightower is our favorite option for chicken and waffles, because you can also load up on the house cocktails during weekend brunch, which leads us to our next cure ...

Bloody Mary at The Tavern
Does the proverbial hair of the dog help get rid of hangovers? Who cares! Bloody Marys are delicious, and this semi-nutritional breakfast cocktail is boosted by tomato juice. We like The Tavern's classic, no frills approach to the Bloody Mary. The Lamar Boulevard restaurant and bar also serves food, which is a hangover bonus.

Asparagus pizza from Salvation Pizza
Yes, this is really a suggestion. Apparently asparagus has some sort of magical component (enzymes, to be exact) that helps break down alcohol. So what better vessel for delivering asparagus to your mouth than pizza? Salvation offers an asparagus, bacon, and jalapeño pie, which ranks as No. 2 on the restaurant's top 10 list.

Topo Chico and a GoodPop from Wheatsville Co-op
This tried-and-true combo is an easy and yummy way to hydrate. Simply dunk your favorite flavor (like hibiscus mint, watermelon agave, or strawberry lemonade) into a cup filled with Topo Chico and let it simmer before your sip.

Frozen treat at Bananarchy
The combination of potassium and electrolytes in bananas makes for a great rehydrator. With all of that built-in goodness, why not indulge in a banana that's dipped in deliciousness and smothered in goodies? Head to Bananarchy for a hangover-busting frozen treat.

Queso at Kerbey Lane Cafe or Magnolia Cafe
Cheese makes anything better, including hangovers. It's useless to try to pick between these two Austin establishments because by now, you have definitely developed a preference. Skip the philosophical debate about whose queso is better and head straight to your favorite, whether it's on the same night of your drunken debauchery or the next morning — they're both open 24 hours, after all.

IV drip with Rolling Revival
If you're experiencing the worst hangover in the history of hangovers, there's one surefire way to help your body pull through. Although we firmly believe in the mystical powers of breakfast tacos and queso, nothing quite takes care of a hangover like an IV drip. Rolling Revival offers instant hydration as well as an optional vitamin boost for those regrettable mornings.

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