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The most incredible photos from Hurricane Sandy: Superstorm is merciless

Bringing back memories of Tropical Storm Allison's wrath on Houston in 2001, images from Hurricane Sandy show the New York metropolitan area inundated with flood waters and coastal buildings pummeled by high winds.

More than eight million residents along the East Coast remain without electricity. Meanwhile, the churning storm has driven  cold Canadian air towards Ohio and West Virginia, which both are receiving heavy amounts of late October snow.

About 15,000 airline flights around the world have been canceled due to the storm. 


"This pumpkin sits in a parking lot after Hurricane Sandy," Mia Aquino says of her Twitpic.

At roughly 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Sandy came ashore just miles from Atlantic destinations. Places like Long Beach Island, Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights would be swallowed up by excessively high tides and storm surges.

"The devastation on the Jersey Shore is some of the worst we've ever seen," New Jersey governor Chris Christie said in a press conference. "The cost of the storm is incalculable at this point."


North Jersey native Erik Hahn sent this image of Hoboken Terminal, one of the busiest transportation hubs for New York-New Jersey commuters.

The Hudson and East Rivers crept onto Manhattan streets Monday, flooding low-lying areas at the edge of the island mainly below 23rd Street.

SoHo, Tribeca, Greenwich Village and the East Village all saw waters make their way onto the traffic grid. Construction sites at the World Trade Center were flooded and the New York Stock Exchange was shuttered for the second day in a row — the first two-day closure since the Great Blizzard of 1888, according to Fox News

The subway system, which has suffered extensive flooding, remains closed as do most of the city's bridges and tunnels.


Nadiya Anderson tweets, "East Village NYC"

Heavy water and wind weakened this Manhattan building facade to the point of collapse.

Across the river in Queens, more than 100 beachfront homes were destroyed in a Tuesday fire after an electrical transformer exploded. Three people were injured.


Meg Robertson shares some incredible pics on Twitter of Manhattan scenes. "CLOSE UP of building facade collapse on 8th Ave between 14th/15th," she writes.

Now labeled a "post-tropical cyclone," Sandy has turned its course towards Canada, where it will follow the St. Lawrence River east for the reminder of the week as it weakens to a tropical depression.

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From MTA Insider, "Photos of Staten Island Railway's Clifton Shop in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy"

Waters crashing at Point Pleasant via Mike Daly/Twitter

Alexander Higgins tweets from Point Pleasant, "100s of downed trees take out power lines along NJ Shore."

"Sandy leaves the Brooklyn Bridge closed," World Vision USA says in a tweet.

Meg Robertson tweets, "Saks. Wow. Saks 5th Ave boarded up."

"Power power everywhere (including Times Square) but not a drop south of 26th Street. Who has an extension cord?" Meg Robertson tweets.

"Boardwalk in Atlantic City," Honey Rodriguez writes about this tweeted photo. "Y'all take Hurricane Sandy lightly if you want to."

"The streets of Atlantic City," Nadia tweets.

Fresh Prince tweets, "Hurricane Sandy took most of Atlantic City away."

From Hoboken, Erik Hahn notes winds nearing 90 mph, causing many local shops to board-up their storefronts

. . .  Sorry, no pizza.

"Lower Manhattan. Let's do this," Terrance Girard captions his Instagram pic.

"Rainbow touches down in lower Manhattan," Kurt Dietrich writes about his amazing Instagram.