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Ron Burgundy sells Dodge Durangos, Toronto Mayor falls and more links we love right now

Ron Burgundy sells Dodge Durangos and more links we love right now

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now:

1. Will Ferrell has 70 new Dodge Durango commercials. In what has to be some kind of record, Will Ferrell (in character as Ron Burgundy) has filmed a staggering 70 different advertisements for the 2014 Dodge Durango. About a dozen have been released so far, and Burgundy's bold personality shines through in every one.

2. What does my girl say? As you may recall, a song by Ylvis titled "What Does the Fox Say?" swept the country this fall. Saturday Night Live takes a crack at the catchy tune with a parody depicting a jealous girlfriend. 

3. Scientists now believe there are probably billions of Earth-like planets in the universe. New research shows that there are potentially tens of billions of planets that are suitable for human life. Let that sink in for a bit, because it was only two years ago when the first known Earth-like planet was discovered. Cue X-Files music.

4. Twenty-nine things that are way more important than work right now. Spoiler alert: They all involve baby animals. This fact should in no way detract from your enjoyment, because there is no such thing as too many adorable, furry creatures exploring the great big world.

5. Now that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted he mighta, sorta, kinda smokes crack when he's rip-roaring drunk, let's all take a look at this video of him trying to pass a football — and failing terribly.

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Ron Burgundy stars in 70 new Dodge Durango commercials.
Goat with a phone
A goat taking a phone call is way more important than work right now.