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HuffPo gets Austin wrong, best blackout tweets and more top stories this week

Downtown Austin skyline in the evening across from Lady Bird Lake
Visting Austin? Don't read that HuffPo article. It will only lead you down a bad path. Kumar Appaiah/ Flickr
Torchy's Tacos interior with red devil balloon
Torchy's may have a case after the restaurant owner being sued by the taco franchise was also sued by a pizzeria.
THIRST_installation_tree_ Lady_Bird_Lake
The THIRST tree was damaged in last week's floods. Women & Their Work/Facebook
Downtown Austin skyline in the evening across from Lady Bird Lake
Torchy's Tacos interior with red devil balloon
THIRST_installation_tree_ Lady_Bird_Lake

After recovering from the longest Halloween celebration ever (seriously, it should be declared that Halloween can never fall on a Thursday again), it's now time to focus on the month ahead: good music, fast cars and big meals.

Kicking off the November festivities, of course, is Fun Fun Fun Fest, which started last night and is shaping up to be, well, really fun. Not partaking this year? Don't despair; there are still a dozen other fabulous things going on this weekend.

No matter what you decide to do (even if you stay in bed watching a marathon of Sons of Anarchy, we're not judging!), take a peek at what got people talking this week. 

1. Huffington Post published a pretty lame Austin travel guide. So we made our own

2. Last weekend's East Austin blackout lasted only a few hours, but the tweets that residents offered up with live in humorous infamy.

3. Call it a voodoo tree, call it magic, call it irony, but the ghost tree in Lady Bird Lake meant to commemorate the Texas drought was damaged in last week's flooding.

4. Are you in the cool club? AT&T announced which Austin neighborhoods are poised to get high-speed gigabit internet first.

5. The same restaurant that is currently being sued by Torchy's for theft of ye olde Taco Bible is being sued by another restaurant. Jeez!

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