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APA!'s Scruffy is a calm, gentle elder-cat looking for a place to relax

APA!'s Scruffy is a gentle elder-cat just looking for a place to relax

Scruffy APA!
Scruffy loves burrowing in her human's arms. Photo by Austin Pets Alive!
Scruffy APA!
This little dame is ready to relax in style. Photo by APA!
Scruffy APA!
Scruffy APA!

Scruffy is quite a dame, the kind of the lady who knows when to show off and when to sit demurely while others make a fuss around her. Part of APA!'s "Back in Black Month" celebrating the dogs and cats who often get overlooked for their more colorful pals, Scruffy is about to hit day 600 at Austin Pets Alive!

Like a fine wine, Scruffy (who isn't actually very scruffy at all) just gets better with age.

Name: Scruffy

Sex: Female

Breed: Domestic medium hair mix

Adult size: Medium

Age: 15 years, 7 months

Sign: Aries

Spayed/neutered: Yes

Declawed: No

Adoption donation: $25

Location: In foster

What APA! says about Scruffy:

Scruffy loves to cuddle. She'll head butt you and then burrow into your arms with glee. Though she is "anything but scruffy," Scruffy loves to get her fur brushed, contentedly purring with each stroke. She loves her people, hanging out nearby and purring even when she's not being petted or brushed.  According to APA!, "Sometimes Scruffy likes to play and will bring a toy out, meow a bit, and try to get you to play with her. Or she may just come to where you are, check out what you are doing, get a drink of water, and go back to one of her favorite napping spots!"

Scruffy does have a condition called megacolon which causes constipation without proper treatment. Luckily, treatment is pretty simple. Scruffy just needs to be on a wet food-only diet and have medicine sprinkled on top her meals once a day.

While Scruffy does well with her fellow foster cat, she is a bit shy around her feline friends. While APA! says she doesn't need to be in an only cat household, she does need to be a house where her alone time is respected. Hey! What lady doesn't need a little alone time?

To find out more about Scruffy or to visit her, please visit the APA! website.