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Welcome to Austin mural
Are you an Austin newbie? Check out our list. Photo by Wikimedia Commons/ Wikimedia Commons
Austin Photo Set: News_FFF_new layout_Nov 2011 _auditorium shores
As the fight over this piece of property heats up, we take a look at why it really matters. Courtesy of Town Lake Park
Nick Saban clap
SABAN! Photo courtesy of Bama Boys
Welcome to Austin mural
Austin Photo Set: News_FFF_new layout_Nov 2011 _auditorium shores
Nick Saban clap

Did y'all hear that Nick Saban is coming to town? Just kidding. But wow, what a rumor right? After "high ranking officials" told that Brown was on his way out (a rumor, it should be noted, that still hasn't been confirmed), Saban's name started popping up everywhere. Pranksters even managed to get the Alabama coach paged over the intercom at the Austin airport.

1. So, obviously, we had to get Michael Corcoran in on the action.

But what else got people's attention this week?

2. While the fight over the future of Auditorium Shores has been contentious, we maintain that it isn't about dogs.

3. Want to test your Austin newbie-ness? Here's the list.

4. Could this lady be on the short list for UT's next football coach?

5. The famed Uchi team announced plans for their newest restaurant (and it's quite a departure from their usual fare).

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