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Stephen Colbert slams Ted Cruz's coloring book

Stephen Colbert slams Ted Cruz's coloring book

Ted Cruz to the future coloring book
Ted Cruz to the Future is currently the number one children's coloring book on Amazon. 

Big presents in boxes are the tent poles of Christmas morning, but the stockings offer the most surprises. After all, what’s more exciting than getting a menagerie of dollar-store items mixed with scratch-offs and chocolates?

Fortunately, Stephen Colbert showed us a brand-new option last night: Ted Cruz’s coloring book. Colbert highlighted Ted Cruz to the Future, the U.S. senator’s coloring book that is currently the No. 1 children’s coloring book on Amazon.

 The child-friendly coloring book includes mentions of partial-birth abortion and calls Cruz “a modern superhero.”

It’s part of Really Big Coloring Books’ ongoing series “Tell the Truth – Tell it Often – Tell the Children.” According to Really Big Coloring Books, the book is not an endorsement of the senator but an educational tool that is non-partisan, fact-driven account of how Cruz became a senator and his views on certain subjects.

Which subjects? Well, child-friendly ones, of course, like mentions of “partial-birth abortion.” The Amazon blurb even refers to Cruz as “a modern superhero to many and looked upon in adoration and abomination by some.”

And any mention of Cruz’s short but eventful career so far would be remiss if it didn’t mention his 21-hour filibuster against the Affordable Care Act.

According to the coloring book: “This speech was so important because millions of citizens believe Obama Care is worse than any war. At least American soldiers have weapons with which to defend themselves.”

So whether you’re looking to give Ted Cruz to the Future to your liberal cousin’s daughter for Christmas or as just a keepsake for yourself, everyone can find enjoyment in the coloring book, which is $5.99 on Amazon, or only $4.52 if you’re a Prime member.

It’s currently out of stock, but just slip an IOU in the stocking and tell your recipient that President Obama runs Amazon. Children are easy to lie to.