Weekend Events Roundup

Keep the holidays hot with our top weekend event picks

Keep the holidays hot with our top weekend event picks

Shen Yun
Shen Yun comes to the Long Center this weekend. Photo courtesy of Shen Yun
paperboys from Newsies
Create your own Santa Fe memories at the Action Pack's Newsies sing-along. Photo courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse
headshot of Big Freedia in space
Exercise off some of those holiday pounds with Big Freedia this Sunday at the Mohawk. Photo courtesy of Vimeo
Shen Yun
paperboys from Newsies
headshot of Big Freedia in space

We’re now in a weird period of post-Christmas doldrums. The excitement of opening presents has passed, and no one wants to go back to work; New Year’s Eve is less than a week away, and there’s a weekend in between to throw off your schedule further. You’ll go back in to work, take a few days off, go back in to the office. Tthen you’re off for another holiday.

So after you’ve completed your two days of work — or just one, if you celebrate Boxing Day — here are some of the top events to check out this weekend before the final holiday of the year.

Friday, December 27 – Saturday, December 28

Holiday Family Days at the Blanton

Parents will have their kids around until the winter break draws to a close, so they need to find ways to keep them busy. There are only so many movies out right now, but a trip to the Blanton Museum will help shake up the repetitive schedule.

In case you stayed home for the holidays, the Blanton will take you on a trip to Augsburg, one of Germany’s oldest cities, to discover the art of printmaking. Families are invited to create their own greeting cards using techniques from Renaissance Germany, as well as to play various gallery games to teach the little ones about the Blanton’s current exhibit, which focuses on that city's venerated printmaking.

Action Pack Presents: The Newsies Sing-Along

By December 26, you’re likely sick of singing holiday carols, and you’d be excited to watch one movie that concerns neither Santa nor a red-nosed reindeer. At the Alamo Drafthouse, you’ll finally get a chance to watch and sing along with the plucky newsboys who faced off against Joseph Pulitzer at the turn of the century.

Newsies might not have been the huge success that, say, Citizen Kane, was (at least critically), but it has built up a considerable following over the past two decades, enough so that the Action Pack will host a patented sing-along this weekend at the Ritz and other Drafthouse locations. Consider this a top choice to take your lovey-dovey baby to, or, alternately, if you just want to feel like the king of New York.

Friday, December 27 – Sunday, December 29

Shen Yun at the Long Center

In addition to the German Renaissance, you can experience firsthand a different unique culture from the past, but this one will take you back even further. Shen Yun is a New York-based company devoted to classical Chinese and performing in front of audiences around the world, and it’s returning to the Long Center.

The music and dance of Shen Yun will guide you through various regions of China and tell various stories of virtue — both historical and mythical. If you still a need your fix for dance after The Nutcracker is done, this is worth checking out.

Sunday, December 29

Transmission Events Presents: Big Freedia

Did you miss out on your chance to see the Queen Diva at Fun Fun Fun Fest this past November? Luck is on your side, because Big Freedia is making a quick return to Austin for more opportunities to bounce what your momma or daddy gave you. Big Freedia is all about cutting loose, so do so before the Monday workday. You’ll have time off for New Year’s Eve, after all.