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Austin filmmaker captures "366 Days in 366 Seconds"

Austin filmmaker captures "366 Days in 366 Seconds"

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KVUE -- What did you do every single day last year? It might be hard for most of us to remember but Austin filmmaker Jonathan Britnell knows. 

Britnell shot video every single day for an entire year. His clips range from random to organized, from natural to manmade and everything in between.

"I originally started the project just as a way to force myself to do something creative everyday," said Britnell. 

What he ended up with is an internet viral video 2012: "366 Days in 366 Seconds".

The video is also giving new exposure to a new band that will be in Austin in March for SXSW. 

"The song I used is called Thunder Clatter. It's by a band out of Nashville called Wild Cub," said Britnell. 

That song is on the band's debut album Youth, which was released Monday, January 14. 


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