Dinner and a movie with tequila

Save the Date: The grand opening of the newest Alamo Drafthouse is finally set

Save the Date: The grand opening of the newest Alamo Drafthouse is finally set

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With new locations recently announced to open in Denver and in the nation’s capital, it should be comforting to Austin cinephiles that they won’t have much longer to wait to enjoy their fifth Alamo Drafthouse theater location.

Mark your calendars for March 22, 2012.

All construction will finally be completed and there will be enough employees to staff this sizable, eight-screen venue that promises to be state-of-the-art. Nestled in the corner of Mopac and Slaughter Lane, the new locale should give more residents of South Austin a better chance to catch all of the Drafthouse’s expansive selection of blockbusters, limited-run indie films and unique fusions of movies and live entertainment.

If you are planning on attending the first night of shows at Slaughter Lane, then you also might want to plan ahead for a possible hangover on the morning of March 23. That’s because the full drink and food menu will be available at 400 Rabbits, the adjacent yet standalone bar meant to offer even more drink selections for Drafthouse attendees.

Also open to anyone who doesn’t feel like going to a show, 400 Rabbits is the brainchild of Drafthouse mixologist Bill Norris and will offer a wide selection of agave-based spirits.

Think that name sounds a little odd? The moniker for the new bar takes its name from the legendary Centzon Totochtin of Aztec mythology. These 400 rabbit deities are considered the gods of intoxication whose story left an impression on Bill Norris while he traveled in Jalisco, Mexico. This mezcal sabbatical gave Norris the opportunity to learn more about the history and craftsmanship behind tequila production.

While Drafthouse fans will still have to wait to see which screenings and events will highlight the first day and week of the new theater, it wouldn’t be surprising to see just about any show selling out so customers can get a chance to check out the new digs.

And if you can’t wait to try out the new food and drink menu of the Drafthouse at Slaughter Lane and 400 Rabbits, tickets are on sale for an advanced tasting being hosted at The Highball on Feb. 4. Once the grand opening occurs, it should certainly be an event worth toasting to. Or better yet, take a shot to celebrate.