Top 5 Super Bowl Parties

Friends not into football? Take them to these 5 bars and restaurants with the best Super Bowl watch parties

5 Austin bars and restaurants with the best Super Bowl watch parties

News_Marene Gustin_crawfish
Football and crawfish are a winning combo, which is what you'll get at Brew Exchange's Super Boil II. Fruge Cajun Crawfish
Interior stage of the North Door ND venue
See that big wall to the right of the North Door's stage? It's going to be nothing but football across a 25-foot screen. Courtesy of The North Door
Austin Photo Set: Chad_Mohawk_SXSW_march 2013_9
The Mohawk will also have the game on, along with a popcorn bar, bowl trivia and game-day bingo, and if your team wins then you'll have a great venue for stage diving and moshing. Photo by Chad Wadsworth/Butchershop Creative
News_Marene Gustin_crawfish
Interior stage of the North Door ND venue
Austin Photo Set: Chad_Mohawk_SXSW_march 2013_9

The football season will finally come to a close on Sunday with this really big and important game you’ve probably heard about. For football fans, it’s the biggest day of the year, commanding more importance than any religious holiday or child’s birthday. Even if you have no preference between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, you will do everything in your power to not miss it.

But you might have one problem on your hands. What if you’re the only one in your group of friends who wants to watch it? What if you’re the only one within your circle who cares about sports at all, and everyone else constantly reminds you that they don’t watch sports because that somehow makes them unique? How do you convince them to go out on Sunday and watch the big game?

A 25-foot projection screen is the only way to truly appreciate the size of Peyton Manning’s forehead. 

Well it’s just your luck that several Austin venues know how to throw enjoyable watch parties, even while the game is on. With promises of awesome drinks, delicious food and even games (besides the one on the screen), these are the hip Super Bowl watch parties that might entice those friends of yours to come out and see what the fuss is all about with this "American football."

The North Door’s “Just Say No to Sports Bars” Super Bowl Party

In case you’re unaware, The North Door has for a while now been a top go-to spot for television watch parties, mostly due to its 25-foot projection screen. It’s the only way to truly appreciate the size of Peyton Manning’s forehead.

So what will the North Door offer your friends? Not just a pizza party, which can bring anyone together; they even have a special cocktail drink menu, with concoctions including the Dime Back, the Splif End and the Acapulco Goal Post. It’s a perfect way to distract your friends who love discussing the art of mixology.

Brew Exchange’s Super Boil II

The Brew Exchange has the important elements for a good place to watch some football, with some nice TVs and a wonderful selection of brews. And they have the perfect game day menu for you or any friends who were born on the bayou and are a little homesick.

The Super Boil returns for its second year, with the first dump of mudbugs coming at 4 pm to get you nice and stuffed well before kickoff. Crawfish are the perfect dish for big communal feasts, but you may also bring your Cajun friends along just so they can properly teach you how to eat those damn things.

Midway Field House Soft Opening Super Bowl Party

This could be the easiest way to trick your non-sports-loving friends into going somewhere that’s showing the Super Bowl. Tell them that the guys behind The Buzz Mill are opening up a new bar on Riverside and that it’s having a soft open on Sunday. Austinites love nothing more than going to an opening of a new restaurant or bar so they can Instagram the interior before anyone else.

Just don’t mention that the Midway Field House is a new sports bar that's going for a vintage ambience. Be sure to buy a ticket so you can enjoy pizza, bottomless beer and wells during the game and a chance to win up to $2,000 at Super Bowl squares. If your friends realize that you tricked them into going to sports bar, distract them with the various shuffleboards, skeeball tables and such.

Super Bowl Sunday at the Mohawk

So maybe you feel bad about tricking your friends into going to a sports bar to watch the Super Bowl. You might try this approach instead: don’t say you’re taking them to a sports bar, just say that you’re taking them to one of the most beloved bars in Austin and mumble under your breath that they’ll have the Super Bowl playing on some projection screens.

Everyone one who’s cool loves Mohawk, and they know what to offer to your nerdy friends: a popcorn bar and some game-day bingo, because bingo is always fun no matter what. Plus, the bar will of course have enough cold beer on hand to ensure that your friends just end up getting drunk and taking selfies with that bear.

Gourdough’s Super Bowl Sunday Party

Okay, perhaps your friends saw through all of the smoke and mirrors as you attempted to get them to a Super Bowl watch party. You just happen to have friends who don’t watch football, aren’t fans of crawfish and they don’t drink beer because they’re straightedge. There’s one other thing that can serve as your final trump card. Big, fat, friggin’ donuts.

Gourdough’s Public House will host its own Sunday party, with $19 beer towers, another chance to win some money at squares and free hot wings to boot. You won’t have to worry about keeping your friends entertained during the game, because they’ll all be in a food coma.