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Fake AISD Twitter account, famous Wendy's cashier plus more stories you may have missed this week

Wendy's guy Junior GoFundMe campagin
Junior, arguably one of UT's most famous employees is the benefactor for a GoFundMe campaign to get him off the streets.  Photo courtesy of GoFundMe
City of Round Rock water tower downtown
Round Rock, Texas. Population: Romance. James Howard/Wikimedia Commons
Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban does not think Austin has enough universities to be a world class city. Photo by Keith Allison
Wendy's guy Junior GoFundMe campagin
City of Round Rock water tower downtown
Mark Cuban

Judging from this week's top stories, people are already in the mood for love. The three most read articles on CultureMap dealt with humor, romance and looking out for your neighbor, three things we here in Austin like to pride ourselves on. So what else made the cut? 

1. Someone started a hilarious fake AISD Twitter handle. For more than 36 hours, one elusive hero has been tweeting a bunch of pretty funny things about the Austin Independent School District's decision to shut down school yesterday because it was ... cold?

2. Round Rock, Texas named most romantic. Amazon named Round Rock the 14th most romantic place in the country this week. Well, it's certainly an interesting choice. 

3. Famous Wendy's cashier now homeless. Anyone who attended the University of Texas at Austin over the past 15 years or so probably remembers Junior, the lightening fast cashier who worked at the Wendy's in The Texas Union. Junior has since fallen on hard times and one UT alum as taken it upon himself to start a fund for the famous employee. 

4. Austin needs another major university. Texas billionaire Mark Cuban spoke with contributor John Egan about why Austin needs another major university if it ever wants to compete as a world class city. People were quick to go on the defensive, reminding Cuban that in addition to UT, Austin has quite a few reputable colleges.

5. Food Network is coming to town. The favorite station of foodies announced that it is heading to Austin to find eight food trucks to compete in a new show called Food Truck Face Off. As we consider ourselves pretty well-versed in the food truck culture here in town, we should probably warn the Food Network that it has quite a tough decision on its hands.

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