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Day 5

The Zombies invade Austin with time-tested (and "parent-approved") psychadelic rock

The Zombies invade Austin with time-tested (and "parent-approved") psychadelic rock

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Courtesy of The Zombies

Name: The Zombies

Featured track: "The Time of the Season" from Odessey and Oracle

Country/City of origin: St. Albans, Herts, England

Genre: Psychadelic rock

In one sentence: "Odessey and Oracle wasn't released in the U.S. until 1969 (two years after it was recorded), but its baroque psychedelic-pop arrangements still felt fresh – combining the adventure of Sgt. Pepper with the concision of British Invasion pop." - Rolling Stone, on declaring the band's last album among the 500 best of all time.

Why we chose them: Because we never thought we'd see them reunite. Ever. Especially not 40 years later. And because we can imagine our parents smoking dope (why must all parents call it "dope"?) on a shag rug while playing this record — and that is an even more entertaining thought.

SXSW official show: Saturday, March 16 at Brazos Hall