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Day 11

Manchester's NO CEREMONY/// doesn't want to be famous, just wants to dance

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Country/City of origin: Manchester, England

Featured track: "Feelsolow" 

Genre: Electronic

In one sentence: "While their sound will be generally appealing, they show a deft ability that adds subtleties to tracks and consequently distances them from other ambient/dance counterparts; as stated earlier, they are non-conformist but from a philosophical perspective." - No Ripcord

Why we chose them: the band eschews self-promotion and the pressure to fashion themselves into celebrities, so much so that they don't appear in press photos, interviews or even have a bio on their website. Because, of course, to them "it's all about the music." However, that music is really good, and the aformentioned lack of information leaves you even more interested than if the band had plastered itself across social media. It's one of those ironic outcomes. Catch a NO CEREMONY/// set for loads of piano on top of synth on top of emotive, manipulated vocals — a toned-down alternative to Crystal Castles, if you will.

SXSW official shows: Wednesday, March 13 at Red 7; Thursday, March 14 (12 a.m.) at Latitude 360.


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