Day 25

Peter Peter's sexy saxy synthy French slow jams

Peter Peter's sexy saxy French slow jams

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Name: Peter Peter

Featured track: Une Version Améliorée De La Tristesse (video below)

Country/City of origin: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Genre: Experimental-singer-songwriter-indie-synth-groove-rock?

In one sentence: "Peter Peter at his best evokes the soft pop of Air and M83, rolling his Rs through the mesmerizing chorus of the album’s title track, on the stripped-down, acoustic strummer “Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée,” and on the funky closer." - The Fader

Why we chose them: We've got French, we've got the unexpected accompaniment of saxophones, we've got a piece of eye-candy, and we've got loads of press coming off of Peter Peter's CMJ performance, all melding together to create what SNAP! calls a "moody and enchantingly dreamy world."

Official SXSW showcase: Tuesday, March 12 at Swan Dive and more