Day 26

Texas' sultry pop princess Jessie Frye shines "Like a Light"

Texas' sultry pop princess Jessie Frye shines "Like a Light"

Jessie Frye, Texas Showcase Sampler, SXSW
Denton, Texas-based Jessie Frye. Photo courtesy of Jessie Frye

Name: Jessie Frye

Featured track: "Like a Light," featured on CultureMap's Texas Music Sampler

Country/City of origin: Denton, Texas

Genre: Pop

In one sentence: "Frye carries an intense passion and delivery in her voice that is well beyond her years... Frye's latest EP, Fireworks Child, is a distinctive and eclectic mix of emotional opposites, mercurial and impetuous, yet intimate and constantly drawing you in." - Laurie Gallardo, KUT Austin

Why we chose her: We can't cover SXSW and not give a nod to the little town up I-35 that is, in its own right, a music mecca. Denton, Texas-based Jessie Frye's pop-influenced music career was distinctly shaped by her first SXSW acceptance in 2009. That acceptance was the catalyst for Frye to find a band to back up her original, sultry, well-developed sounds — and she's been back on the showcase roster every year since.

SXSW official showcase: Saturday, March 16 at 512