Day 27

Serious talent backs the pretty faces of L.A.'s buzzworthy Haim

Serious talent backs the pretty faces of L.A.'s Haim

Austin Photo Set: News_caitlin_haim_march 2013_band photo

Name: Haim

Featured track: "Forever" (video below)

Country/City of origin: Los Angeles, California

Genre: Indie folk pop

In one — okay, two — sentences: "The best thing about Haim is that the songs they write are 100 per cent bullshit-free. Los Angeles sisters Danielle, Este and Alana Haim sing proper vocals and play proper guitars and give their drums a right proper thwacking and don’t try to do or be anything, they just let it happen." -NME

Why we chose them: Haim is more than a novelty act of cute, young sisters. The sisters at various times have toured with established artists like Jenny Lewis and Julian Casablacas as backing band members. Described as Stevie Nicks meets 90s R&B we're excited to see what will transpire on the SXSW stages.

SXSW official show: Friday, March 16 at Karma Lounge; Saturday, March 17 at Lamberts.