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This April at Alamo Drafthouse, when it rains, it pours entertainment

This April at Alamo Drafthouse, when it rains, it pours

Cast from the film Clue
Clue Photo courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse
Austin photo: news_ryan_drafthouse roundup_april 2013_suntory whiskey_bill murray
Bill Murray in Lost in Translation Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse
Cast from the film Clue
Austin photo: news_ryan_drafthouse roundup_april 2013_austin high_poster
Austin photo: news_ryan_drafthouse roundup_april 2013_suntory whiskey_bill murray

April showers bring May flowers, so for April, the Alamo Drafthouse will rain down a torrential lineup of unique programming as we transition into summer blockbuster season. It may be tempting to spend time outside this month — these will be the last few days of tolerable temperatures — but here are some of the top upcoming events that will make skipping the great outdoors worthwhile.

Action Pack: Clue Quote-along

It’s easy to forget that Battleship wasn’t the first board game adapted to the big screen, but in 1985 Hollywood took a leap with this adaptation of the popular party game. Not only was it a hilarious take on murder mysteries, but the producers took a big chance with multiple endings screening at different theaters across the country.

Now the Action Pack will transform this pop culture classic into a fully interactive experience with all of your favorite Wadsworth witticisms and more subtitled, and special props handed out for each screening. All shows will also come complete with every alternate ending, so you and your friends will know all possibilities for the dispatcher of Mr. Body.

London’s West End presents Great Expectations

In case you weren’t aware, 2012 marked the 200th anniversary of English author and social commentator Charles Dickens, whose legacy warrants a good excuse to continue celebrating into 2013.

His classic novel, Great Expectations, has its fair share of film and television adaptations, but only rarely has it appeared on stage, and not once for Broadway or London’s West End. That will change this year with a new adaptation by Jo Clifford, garnering acclaim on its UK tour before it makes its way to the West End. Join audiences from around the world for the premiere as you drink a Shiner at the Drafthouse.

Andrew Dallas memorial fundraiser screening of Austin High

Austin High is part of the pantheon of locally produced films that celebrate Austin’s weird culture, particularly its chill attitude towards a certain recreational green plant.

Of course this screening will take place right on April 20, but it will also serve as another memorial fundraiser for crew and cast member Andrew Dallas to help out his family after their tragic loss. This is an event that honors not only Austin’s unique, freewheeling spirit as a community, but also one of its own unique, individual spirits.

Drink Tank with Lost in Translation paired with Japanese whisky

Sofia Coppola’s award-winning Lost in Translation stars Bill Murray as an aging star in a mid-life crisis as he shills Suntory Whisky on the other side of the world. Now a local audience will get the chance to see why promoting and tasting Japanese whiskey isn’t really a bad deal after all.

Drink Tank will welcome Neyah White, Brand Ambassador for Suntory Whisky, for an intimate seminar on the traditions and history of whisk2y in Japan and its evolution from the Scottish distilling tradition into a unique fusion with Japanese culture and palate. Tickets include a tasting flight of whiskies, unique cocktails and a screening of Lost in Translation