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The 10 best tweets about Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman

Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report
Stephen Colbert will host The Late Show starting in 2015.

In a move that's shaking up the comedy world, Stephen Colbert is leaving his popular perch at Comedy Central to take over The Late Show for retiring David Letterman. In even bigger news, Colbert is reportedly dropping his over-the-top conservative character, a voice he has honed for nearly a decade.

Naturally, Colbert's penchant for polarizing parody means not everyone is happy about CBS's selection. Many conservative pundits lamented Colbert gaining wider exposure, though there's no telling if he'll last at a major network. Colbert has signed a five-year deal with CBS and will begin hosting the iconic late night show in 2015. 

Complaints aside, let's focus on the positive. Colbert's new gig is causing fellow comedians to crack some clever jokes about the mock news correspondent. Here are our favorites:

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