Fusebox Festival

From Frito pie tours to Lady Bunny: The eclectic highlights of Fusebox Festival

Frito pie & Lady Bunny: The eclectic highlights of Fusebox Festival

Interior stage of the North Door ND venue
Venues from the North Door to Salvage Vanguard host the 2014 Fusebox Festival from April 16-27. Courtesy of The North Door
bag of Frito Pie
Fusebox will even host its own Frito Pie Tour during the festival. Photo courtesy of TheQueso.com
Fusebox Festival with Sam Green narrating love song of Buckminster Fuller with Yo La Tengo
Sam Green narrates and Yo La Tengo provides a live score of The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller. Photo courtesy of Fusebox Festival
Interior stage of the North Door ND venue
bag of Frito Pie
Fusebox Festival with Sam Green narrating love song of Buckminster Fuller with Yo La Tengo

Austin boils over with artists performing in various mediums, from music and theater to visual arts and even food. The annual Fusebox Festival, running April 16-27, brings them all together for one of the most eclectic arts festivals in the city. Here are just a few of the amazing shows and events to check out as Fusebox Festival gets underway.

Mozart Requiem Undead Kickoff Event: Wednesday, April 16
One of Mozart’s most iconic pieces, the Requiem Mass has enchanted composers for years. Though the famed composer died before its completion, the movement will be reworked by 10 composers including Pulitzer Prize-winner Caroline Shaw and Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche. Through imagination and collaboration, the musicians will work together to breathe new life into this beloved piece.

Conspirare’s Big Sing: Thursday, April 17
Award-winning choral organization Conspirare brings its popular community-driven event, Big Sing, to Fusebox. With songs ranging from Handel’s Messiah to The Beatles, the Big Sing begins with simple warm-ups led by Craig Hella Johnson. Participants without pitch-perfect voices need not worry. Members of the Conspirare Symphonic Choir sit in the crowd to provide support throughout the event.

The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller: Thursday, April 17
Music, film and architecture come together to celebrate the impressive accomplishments of R. Buckminster Fuller, the visionary designer who gave the world the geodesic dome, among other accomplishments. Filmmaker Sam Green examines the iconic architect's life, drawing from Fuller’s immense body of work. Green's live narration will be complemented by a live score from indie rock band Yo La Tengo.

Yoga with Adriene Fusebox Tour: Thursday, April 17 – Saturday, April 26
Fusebox will keep everyone busy with a constant stream of events and performances, so take a moment to relax during Yoga with Adriene. The yoga classes, open to all experience levels, will take place at a variety of Fusebox venues. 

Frito Pie Tour: Friday, April 18 – Friday, April 25
Fusebox pays special tribute to that humble scoop of heaven, the Frito pie, with a tour of some of Austin’s best spots for crunchy chili goodness. Stops include Shady Grove, Whip In, Texas Chili Parlor and more. Go forth and seek out the best Frito pies in town.

Lady Bunny and SQUART (Spontaneous Queer Art): Wednesday, April 23
One evening at the North Door will sum up everything there is to enjoy about Fusebox Festival. First up is SQUART, or Spontaneous Queer Art, where performers put together a work in just a few hours for a fun and chaotic experience. Following that show will be a performance by Lady Bunny, a drag comedienne who has been around since 1982. Lady Bunny's appearance cements the fact that Fusebox knows how to keep things interesting.