Drafthouse Roundup

Classic blockbusters and pop princesses on screen this May at the Alamo Drafthouse

Classic blockbusters and pop princesses this May at the Drafthouse

Britney Spears Action Pack Pop Princess sing-along
Pop princesses return for a sing-along. Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse
Austin Photo Set: News_Meredith rainey_sound of music_Nov 2011_maria
The Sound of Music for Mother's Day.
Return of the Jedi Death Star Summer of 83
Return of the Jedi. Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse
Britney Spears Action Pack Pop Princess sing-along
Austin Photo Set: News_Meredith rainey_sound of music_Nov 2011_maria
Return of the Jedi Death Star Summer of 83

The past few months have been absolutely grueling for movie lovers. Hardly anything new and exciting is released in theaters at the beginning of the year, but thankfully the Alamo Drafthouse is there to guide us through the sluggish film season before summer hits us in the mouth with weekly blockbusters.

The Drafthouse has some great programming on tap for the month of May. Here are the top picks to complement the summer popcorn flicks.

Teenage Dreams: The Pop Princess Sing-along
The Drafthouse’s curators of catchy pop tunes are flipping the script this month by giving some equal screen time for the ladies of teenage angst. The Action Pack brought the Boy Band Sing-along to theaters for the past month, so why not reintroduce everyone back to Britney, Christina and more? The Pop Princess Sing-along provides the best hits from young divas across several decades of Billboard hits for possibly the best choice this month for girls’ night out.

Free Kid’s Club — Forbidden Planet
The Free Kid’s Club introduces the younger generation to some of the classics from back in the day. Previous screenings have been fun family romps, but Forbidden Planet might just be the most cerebral one yet. Starring Leslie Nielsen back when he was surely serious, Forbidden Planet follows some interstellar researchers in a loose sci-fi adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest as they explore the remains of an extinct alien race, battle an invisible monstrosity and delve into a discussion of the id. Kids may not fully comprehend it at first, but the colors and Robby the Robot will still keep them glued to their seats.

Mother’s Day — Sound of Music and Little Women
Here is a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up, but before you run out to buy a crappy gift that she’ll still pretend is the best thing ever, consider an alternative approach. The Drafthouse provides two different options: A feast combined watching The Sound of Music and listing a few of your favorite things, or a special Mother’s Day edition of Afternoon Tea as you nibble on treats and sip on tea, while watching Little Women.

Summer of '83 — Return of the Jedi
The Alamo Drafthouse provided a special treat last summer with its Summer of '82 film series, releasing the biggest summer blockbuster hits from 1982 for limited screenings in classic 35mm. After all of that fun, you just know programmers can’t pass up the chance for an over-the-top sequel. The series will spread to more Drafthouse theaters across the country, but launches with an Austin-only screening of Return of the Jedi, the grandiose finale to the good Star Wars trilogy.

Tickets are already on sale — it would be best to grab some before they slip through your fingers.