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Austin, have your say: BBC broadcasts award-winning program live from KUT

BBC broadcasts award-winning World Have Your Say live from KUT

BBC World Have Your Say live broadcast from KUT

Community members will soon have the chance to voice their thoughts in a global conversation, courtesy of the BBC. In conjunction with KUT 90.5 FM, the BBC’s award-winning radio program, World Have Your Say (WHYS), will broadcast three programs from Austin this week, driven by local citizens and listeners from across the globe.

Airing on weekdays at noon on KUT, WHYS is a live global, interactive program with listeners posting questions through the program’s social media or email channels and taking part in debates prior to or during the broadcast. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Skype, email or text messaging, WHYS brings seeks to connect listeners from diverse backgrounds to discuss the major issues and current events of the world today.

The BBC series will broadcast on Wednesday, May 22 and Thursday, May 23 from Austin, with the May 22 program broadcasting in collaboration with the BBC’s award-winning Spanish-language service, BBC Mundo. This particular episode will feature a live discussion between citizens of Austin and Mexico, highlighting the relationship between our neighboring nations.

On May 24, WHYS will feature a special broadcast from the KUT Public Media Studios focusing on a live, interactive discussion on the events currently making headlines with an audience of up to 300 local participants, plus global listeners taking part through social media. KUT and the BBC are extending an open invitation to Austinites to attend this free event, while seats are still available.

You can register online for a chance to experience firsthand this worldwide dialogue, reserving a seat for you and up to one guest. Or, you can take part in the program remotely, connecting with World Have Your Say via Facebook or Twitter and lend your voice to the discussion.