The battle wages on

The Battle for Blood Gulch continues as Red vs Blue Season 10 begins Monday

The Battle for Blood Gulch continues as Red vs Blue Season 10 begins Monday

Red vs Blue Battle
Elijah Wood Sigma
Elijah Wood will play this season's primary villain, Sigma.
Burnie Burns
Annie Ray
Red vs Blue Battle
Elijah Wood Sigma
Burnie Burns

Red vs Blue, the machinima web series that chronicles the galactic civil war between The Reds and The Blues, will begin its new season this Memorial Day. A creation of Austin's own Rooster Teeth, a production company started by former UT students Matt Hullum and Burnie Burns, the series has long received critical and viewer acclaim.

The story follows pawns from each side as they struggle through the battle for Blood Gultch, navigating a war they know little about, and possess little insight into winning. Incorporating sci-fi, military and gaming humor into the Halo landscape, the show quickly became an Internet favorite.

CEO and co-creator Burnie Burns says of the series' growth, "The first seven seasons were produced using nothing more than a copy of the game purchased at a retail store. Now the series is a mixture of just about every different technique available in machinima. There's nothing else like it out there."

"We have some major titles coming to RTX... people will be able to play games they have never played before."

The series' 10th season will see at least one major guest star. Elijah Wood, frequent Austin visitor, will be providing voice work for Sigma, an Artificial Intelligence Program built from the ashes of the original Alpha A.I.

Wood was cast as the villian thanks to a relationship that started years ago at a tour of Rooster Teeth's office. After Burns and Hullum visited the New Zealand set of The Hobbit, talks began, and Wood agreed to voice Sigma.

Trailer for Season 10:

And if you like experiencing your Internet and games out in public, with other humans, Rooster Teeth has you covered. They will be hosting their celebration of Internet culture and video games, RTX 2012, for the second year — this time in proper space at the Convention Center.

The success of last year's inaugural RTX event took Rooster Teeth by surprise, as they quickly sold double the intended capacity. They've taken that interest and ran with it, moving to a bigger location and really upping this year's content.

Attendees can expect huge screen where Rooster Teeth employees will battle celebrity guests — and you — in some of gaming's most competitive titles, plus a convention floor  filled with exhibitions from various gaming companies and educational panels with some of gaming's biggest stars.

"We have some major titles coming to RTX," Burns says, "but we can't announce them just yet. I can say that people will be able to play games they have never played before."

Rooster Teeth and Red vs Blue have put in a lot of work over the years, pioneering ground in machinima cinema, developing a signature style and creating their own unique story inside of Halo's universe. A truly shining example of Austin's varied creative scenes, the production company's efforts and events showcase the convergence of our arts and tech scenes, and we're proud that they're doing it in the Capitol City.

After all, why are we even here?


The show goes online Monday and can be viewed here  Check back for more details on July's RTX Convention.