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Police crack down on Kanye West video events in Houston while Austin screenings proceed

Police crack down on Kanye West video events in Texas

Kanye West had big plans all across Texas this Memorial Day weekend . . . they just didn't happen in Houston or San Antonio.

As part of a marketing campaign to promote his forthcoming album Yeezus, the 35-year-old rapper has been projecting a new music video on public buildings across the globe.

In recent weeks, fans from Amsterdam to Atlanta gathered to watch "New Slaves," a politically-charged attack on the U.S. prison-industrial complex. While few issues have been reported, Texas law enforcement was quick to shutter the organized screenings before they could start.

Not one of the three Houston events managed to materialize on Friday, as local police dispersed crowds from the Rothko Chapel, the George Bush Monument and the Central Library.

The Houston Chronicle reported that police drove onto the Rothko lawn and threatened attendees with trespassing violations. A spokespersons with the Chapel could not be reached for further details, while the Houston Police Department was not yet able to provide a full report of the incident.

According to Texas hip hop blog Day and a Dream, the downtown library screening ended with "technical difficulties" after a police visit, while the Bush Monument saw only a large and disappointed crowd.

A Sunday event planned for the side of the Alamo was shut down by San Antonio police, who told KHOU that organizers failed to secure proper permits. Two other San Antonio screenings were canceled as well.

The Texas Nationalist Movement — a right-leaning secessionist organization often criticized for racial and religious prejudice — led a campaign to stop the Alamo event with phone calls to the city and a small collection of onsite protestors. On Monday, the group claimed a victory against West, calling the hip hop artist a "lip-sync mogul" and the event a mere "publicity stunt."

Meanwhile, a pair of screenings in Austin at the LBJ Library and the South Congress Bat Bridge appear to have gone off without a hitch. Watch the LBJ projection below.

Kayne West New Slaves projection in Austin May 201
Only Austin got to see Kanye West's new video projection campaign, as law enforcement shuttered events in Houston and San Antonio. YouTube